Varieties of pole saws and ideas for sustaining the pole noticed

A versatile tool like a pole saw is a must for garden cutting. Even if you are not a landscape architect, a pole saw is an ideal tool for various applications if you have a lawn or a large garden. Now there are different types of pole saws available on the market that have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Three types are discussed in detail here. So go through the following types and decide which one is best for you.

Battery powered pole saw

As the name suggests, these pole saws have a portable battery built into their setup. These batteries can be of different types and deliver different power ranges to the motor. The market is flooded with two main types of batteries, namely Ni-Cad and lithium-ion. It is known that the lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan than the Ni-Cad batteries. The powerful motor installed in such a stick salad can make deep and powerful cuts in the toughest and most stubborn branch of the trees. Different brands offer different chargers for the same.

Gas powered pole saw

If you are looking for a pole saw that is both durable and portable, go for the gas powered one. If you work with hard trees that are difficult to prune, the gas powered will help you deal with them. Even though they are a bit heavier than other pole saws, they are still portable. The only disadvantage with using such a saw is that the engine emits only a few vapors and the gas and oil level has to be checked from time to time with constant use.

Types of pole saws and tips to maintain pole saw cutting

Electric bar saw

The electric pole saws are the best of the three. This is because no gases are emitted and the battery does not have to be laboriously charged. All you have to do is plug it in and use the pole saw. You can clearly see that the only disadvantage when using such a pole saw is that there must always be an electrical outlet. Therefore, you cannot carry this pole saw for camping purposes. Now there are pole saws with exceptional properties such as car oils, midsection motor, fiberglass handle, etc. Make sure that you consider all these factors when buying a pole saw and then choose the best pole saw for your lawn maneuver.

Tips for maintaining your pole saw

In addition to humans, the machines must also be serviced consciously. Good maintenance increases the durability of the product and helps it to work with full efficiency. When it comes to pole saws, we have put together a list of how you can maintain your best pole saw and keep it in top condition.

  • Regardless of which pole saw you are using, whether a gas pole saw, an electric pole saw or a battery powered pole saw, you must check all nuts, bolts and screws. Secure them before using the saw.
  • You have to clean the saw before and after use. Cleaning the saw before use helps to look at the chain and saw blades, while cleaning the saw after use helps to increase the durability of the saw.
  • If you are using a telescopic pole saw, check the extensions before using them to avoid further inconvenience.
  • With an electric pole saw, check all connections and cables. Make sure no wires hang loose to kill you. Repair such wires to make your pole saw last a little longer.
  • If your pole saw is oiled automatically, check the oil level and add if necessary.
  • The gas pole saw has an air filter that must be cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning of these filters definitely extends the lifespan of the pole saws by months.
  • Replace all worn parts of your pole saw. In this case, you may not have to buy a new pole saw very often.
  • Check the chain tension and check that the blades are still sharp enough.
  • You must also keep your pole saw in a ventilated area. This storage location must be dry and you must clean it as it can be dumped if the oil is not used regularly if it is not used regularly.

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