eight summer season cleansing suggestions for a glowing residence

There is a lot of dust outside your home during the summer. If the wind blows, however, dust will definitely get into your house. It is therefore possible that the windows, the cupboards, furniture, the grill and the curtains as well as most parts of your house will become dusty.

As a result, you may not be sure where to start and may feel overwhelmed. Still, we have eight simple summer maid tips from Philadelphia maids for you.

Pay attention to the air coolers

The air conditioner has a dust filter. Filters can collect a lot of dust in a short time. Dirty filters can cause health problems such as asthma in allergy sufferers. Therefore, make sure that you vacuum the ventilation slots and registers to remove the dust that has collected there.

Shopping bags

Summer is the time when you want to go to the market to buy vegetables, fruits and other foods. In winter, however, all shopping bags are in the shop. You have collected enough dust to make you sneeze by pulling them out. Depending on the material, hand wash or machine wash before reuse.

Clean the cabinets

Clean your cabinets at least once a month. You see, you always open your closet to choose something every time you prepare or cook a meal, don't you? Do you always wash your hands before opening the cupboards? We don't bet. Dip a clean towel in a solution of detergent and water. Wipe the cabinet. Pay special attention to the areas near the buttons.

8 summer cleaning tips for a sparkling home - cleaning

Let in the light

Windows collect a lot of dust. Amazingly, it only takes a short time to clean a window. Use water, sponge and some detergent for cleaning. You can either buy a detergent or use a homemade one. Use a newspaper or squeegee to dry the windows. Both do a perfect job.

Make a thorough sweep

The first thing you start cleaning is sweeping. Why? Some residues may be too large to wash off with a mop. In addition, areas that are difficult to access require a broom to remove stuck cobwebs and deposits. Therefore, sweep and remove any residue on the walls before wiping or vacuuming.

Clean and rearrange the furniture

Without a doubt, furniture collects dust every day, especially when used outside the home. Wipe wood, plastic or glass furniture with a soft towel and warm soapy water. Then rearrange the furniture to give the area a new look.

Replace the shower curtain

Of course, don't use the shower curtains to dry your body. However, they always get dirty. Since they rarely show stains, use a detergent that you have as long as it's not hard on the material. Machine wash, then air dry.

Trap dust on the door

It is necessary to have at least two floor mats in your house; one inside and the other outside. Although the inside doesn't collect as much dust as the outside, both need to be cleaned. If they are not very dusty, vacuum them. Otherwise, use a hose to clean them.

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