Metal introduces versatile drying cupboard

DRYING CABINET: Steel's newest drying cabinet TS 1300 for use in the fire service. It can accommodate up to eight complete assemblies


STAHL laundry machines, manufacturer of commercial washing machine technology, has presented its latest product, the drying cabinet TS 1300.

"The TS 1300 can be used for a wide range of applications," said Sebastian Hatz, steel sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. "It is ideally suited for all applications in which laundry is to be dried particularly gently. The mechanical stress on the laundry caused by the rotary movements of a dryer is completely avoided here."

These applications include fire departments as well as hotels, sports clubs, water sports facilities (e.g. wetsuits or life jackets) or handicraft businesses (e.g. landscapers and construction companies with wet work clothes or wet work shoes).

The TS 1300 is extremely flexible so that a maximum number of customers can use the practical drying cabinet. It requires a 230 V power connection and a maximum of 3 kWh power consumption. Thanks to the condensation drying, no external air is required and the air humidity in the room is not increased.

The three temperature levels (40, 60 and 74 ° C) enable the particularly gentle drying of firefighting clothing, breathing masks, helmets, gloves, boots, equestrian items (such as horse blankets, welding blankets), ski clothing, work clothes, shoes, bathrobes, life jackets or wetsuits.

The drying cabinet TS 1300 can optionally be equipped with an ozone lamp, which ensures hygienic drying. The small and harmless amounts of ozone reduce germs and odors during the drying process.

The flexible applicability is also evident in the equipment options of the drying cabinet. Numerous different plug holders can be attached in a few simple steps and removed again without tools. Thanks to its modular design, the TS 1300 can be configured exactly to the required requirements.

Stahl is looking forward to demonstrating its TS 1300 drying oven at this year's trade fairs. In addition to the other machines, the TS 1300 drying cabinet is also available for testing in the steel showroom in Sindelfingen.

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