The essential position of the laundry employee within the hospital laundry enterprise in the course of the Covid-19 period

A trawl through LinkedIn and Twitter in the past few days has sent many warm messages of support to the front line workers in the Covid 19 pandemic, but perhaps none from Anja Uranjek, international sales and marketing manager at Krebe Tippo. which highlights the commitment of the laundry staff to their praise.

She notes that so many different people with different languages, cultures and mentalities on a planet all face the same problem: “A problem that nobody took seriously at first. A problem that surprised us all. And the problem that forced us to take a moment to think about life.

"Everyone wages this 'war' in their own way. But a lot of people are fighting it on the front lines and these are the people we call heroes today. Complete health systems, fire departments, police, military, security organizations and many, many others. Tired, exhausted, full of pain and deep worries, they don't even stop to think about themselves for a second. And they'll stop at one point when they're done and they'll win. And we will win because of them. Because our support role is actually not that difficult – stopping, obeying, listening, thinking and taking care of some simple rules. (Some of them shouldn't really be considered something new, such as washing and disinfecting hands.) "

Uranjek continues: "And there are some heroes who are not seen in the media reports … Their importance is not known to the public, but their work is so vital to our wellbeing that it is scary to even think of them not there." They are laundry workers. People who take care of dirty hospital and other laundry. These employees are an enormous part of compliance with hygiene standards in health systems around the world. They deserve our respect with a capital letter because they risk their lives for us not only now, but always.

"Thank you for doing your job. They are not transparent to us in our business. We see you and always think of you. We develop the machines you use and we can examine your work to the extent that we understand how to make a machine that makes your work easier and more optimized. We want to help you maintain your health and prevent pain as much as possible.

"So this is not a marketing advertisement for how you can" save yourself and the world only if you buy our machines ". We do not believe in this type of advertising, not today.

“This is a letter to all people in different situations to show that we are grateful for every effort you put in these difficult times. And to the laundry workers. That we appreciate you so much. And we will continue our work in the hope that we can make yours a bit easier.

"Thanks a lot."

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