DIY CNC milling challenge concepts which are as enjoyable as they’re helpful

Are you wondering what else you can do with your new CNC milling machine? There are countless projects and plans available to keep you busy, and the good news is that not all of them are needed for use in the machine shop.

If you have the creative flaw and want to use your practical skills, read on to collect some DIY ideas that are as entertaining as they are useful.

Laptop stand

Having good posture is fun, isn't it? Stand up well and build a raised laptop stand so that you don't contract. If you deal with CNC milling just like we do, you will spend a lot of time designing new projects on your computer. A laptop stand is a useful tool that allows you to design more fun plans for your milling machine!

Christmas tree decorations

Snowflakes, tiny toboggans, Christmas trees – all great ideas for your CNC milling machine! People appreciate homemade gifts for the holidays. So spread them out with joy while saving money and having fun designing your own ornaments. It is also a practical tool to explain to your relatives what a CNC milling machine is.

Animal coat hanger

Once you understand the milling process, test your skills by trying to make three-dimensional hangers. Take the faces of several different animals and stack their facial features to give them some depth. Start with a wide face and add ears, stack eyes, mouth and nose long enough to hold up a small jacket. Hang them up low so your children can reach them. Show me a child who doesn't want to hang his jacket on a pig's muzzle and I'll show you another project idea.

Lamp covers

We are not talking about your grandfather's desk lamp. This is a chance to get creative and use a light source to throw an interesting mix of light and shadow on the wall. Think of planetarium. If assigning the constellations sounds like an entertaining task, use your milling machine to make tiny holes in a part that completely envelops a light bulb. The holes cast light and project constellations onto the walls and ceiling of a bedroom.

DIY CNC milling project ideas - milling

Serving tray

Inventables employees have countless useful projects for your CNC milling machine. One that we liked was a serving tray. A multi-part shell must be put together after milling. The fun part is that you can mill any design of your choice onto the surface of the tray. Finish with epoxy to get a durable, water-repellent piece that will last a lot.

Light switch cover

A fun and inexpensive way to upgrade your home is to design and mill your own light switch covers. Try different parts to incorporate eye-catching designs into these otherwise boring household items.

Finished milling over?

Hopefully you have enough ideas to start CNC milling. Remember that these projects should be fun, so take creative freedom! If you still need inspiration, check out some of our other artisan tips to get you up and running.

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