Christeyns gives important provides for the Covid 19 entrance

United Kingdom
Christeyns UK, based in Bradford, which manufactures and supplies a range of cleaning products and hygiene chemicals, has put in place procedures to ensure the continuous supply of much-needed hygiene products.

"Our first move was to protect our employees and families, many of whom are now working from home," said Christeyns CEO Nick Garthwaite. "However, as an important supplier that supports the health sector and hygiene in food and beverage production, it is crucial that we ensure that our customers are supplied when needed."

Christeyns, which also operates from Warrington and Whalley Bridge, will operate its fluids and manufacturing facilities to meet demand, paying special attention to the safety of these teams through the use of social distance and appropriate PPE equipment.

The new measures in the production facilities are in place to minimize the risk for employees and customers, and the laundry teams will no longer be on site, but will respond as best as possible to specific customer requests.

“We are very aware that our customers face their own challenges, but we do our best to support them as best we can. Since the consequences of Brexit have left a large inventory, Christeyns is well positioned to offer hygiene solutions for all areas of our business. "

All deliveries to Christeyn's locations are made in accordance with strict hygiene regulations. The measures taken reduce the risk for employees and still offer a high level of service.

The situation changes almost daily, but Christeyns assures customers that they will be fully informed of changes as soon as they affect their business.

"As an industry, it is critical that we support each other as much as possible while ensuring that we all stay as safe as possible," concluded Garthwaite.

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