How to decide on the suitable bathe head in your rest room

A shower head speaks volumes for the comfort you feel in the bathroom. There are different options for shower heads with different features and designs. Choosing can be difficult, especially if you don't know much about it. This article will help you choose the right shower head for your bathroom.

A shower head is nothing special to worry about when setting up a bathroom. It's not something most people notice or pay attention to in its design. However, shower heads can significantly affect your bathing experience. Here are some pointers to keep in mind to choose the right shower head for your bathroom.

Types of shower heads

There are 3 common types of shower heads. They are almost always the same size when it comes to the “elbow” because the National Pipe Thread is standardized in the USA. Find out which one is best for you.

Hand shower heads

Hand showers can reach up to 3 to 6 feet. They are perfect for people who want to do multiple tasks while showering, e.g. B. when bathing your children or pets or washing the shower cabin. Hand showers are also mounted on the wall, but are longer and more mobile. The hand-held top shower heads include additional functions such as massage jets and various spray patterns.

Advantages of choosing hand showers

  • Hand showers also work with existing pipes.
  • They are ideal for a family bathroom.
  • You can use them with a standard shower head.
  • You can mount some hand showers on push bars that can be adjusted to different heights.

Disadvantages of choosing hand showers

  • Some hoses in hand showers are of poor quality and develop holes when used regularly.
  • Hand showers do not last as long as wall-mounted shower heads and may need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Inexpensive hand showers have no massage function.

Wall-mounted single shower head

A wall-mounted single shower head is the ideal choice if you only want an inexpensive shower head and don't care about aesthetics. You can easily replace a single shower head mounted on the wall by simply unscrewing it and installing another one by screwing it on. You have to be careful when unscrewing the single shower head mounted on the wall, otherwise you could damage it. If you don't want it to leak, loosen it easily with pliers or a lubricant.

How to choose the right shower head for your bathroom - handheld

Advantages of choosing wall-mounted shower heads

  • A standard single shower head mounted on the wall works with almost all existing pipes.
  • It comes with a nozzle that allows you to adjust how much water leaks. From the pulsating massage feeling to the soft fog.
  • The price of a plastic model can be up to $ 2.

Disadvantages of choosing wall-mounted shower heads

Rain shower heads

Rain shower heads or overhead shower heads are positioned directly above your head so you don't have to adjust to be hit by the water. Rain shower heads can either be hung on a trailer or mounted on the ceiling. The installation of a rain shower head requires extensive sanitary upgrades. So you will probably hire some plumbers if you want to choose them. However, it's really great for aesthetics. You can choose traditional shower heads for a simple spray pattern, or purchase one of these high-end shower heads with multiple adjustable nozzles and colored lighting.

Advantages of choosing rain shower heads

  • It can be a great solution for ceilings that are too low for a wall head.
  • Installation can be easy if you are in a new home or doing major bathroom renovations.
  • It has the best aesthetics than other shower heads.
  • They can be relatively cheap and still look aesthetic, but high-end models can cost up to $ 500 but offer many features.

Disadvantages of choosing rain shower heads

  • They can be very expensive without installation.
  • You cannot install them in a rented house.


Depending on your needs and preferences, one of the different types of shower heads can be used for your bathroom. Make sure you check your lines before choosing one.

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