5 simple DIY tasks to revamp your backyard for spring

As the warmer months are quickly approaching, many of us are looking for ways to upgrade their outdoor spaces to make them more stylish, comfortable, and practical!

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Here are some simple and stylish DIY projects that will help you redesign your garden and outdoor spaces in no time.

1. Upcycling

A relatively new DIY trend that is inexpensive and allows you to create something unique is upcycling. Upcycling restores and renews old furniture and other household items that would otherwise be thrown away to make them fresh and modern. Not only is this DIY trend good for the environment, it also tests your crafting skills and gives you a rewarding feeling once your project is complete! A great way to redesign your garden is to incorporate upcycling items like ladders and old dressers. These can be turned into trendy plant displays that can be easily moved according to your preferences – and the best spots in your room for sunlight!

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2. Make a wall garden

If you have a small space or just want to bring more green to your outdoor space, vertical wall gardens are a great way to keep your space trendy and bright. First, think about what you want to add and whether this can be achieved in the space you have for your wall garden. For example, would you like to have flowers to add some color, or herbs and vegetables to ensure practicality? It's also important to consider where to place your vertical DIY garden so that it gets maximum sunlight without blocking the light from the rest of your garden.

Building your own wall garden can be a big task, but the reward will be an incredibly aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your garden. Whether you want to maximize space or cover an unsightly wall, this trend is becoming increasingly popular with gardeners of all abilities.

3. Create your own storage space

Though necessary, having trash cans in your garden is not ideal and can easily ruin the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere you want to create. Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed, even for those who have small spaces, and will help make gardens and outdoor spaces of all sizes feel fresh and calm. Prefabricated storage spaces are available. However, if you want your warehouse to have a certain size or shape to fit in a particular corner or area of ​​your garden, this can be relatively easy. Creating your own storage space is also a great way to get creative and adapt it to your artistic vision. For example, you can add planters for flowers or choose materials that fit into your fence or outside walls.

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4. Decide on acrylic garden table tops

Have you never had a drink when you relax outside? Do you fear that sharp edges of glass table tops could injure your child or pet or break into pieces if they are knocked over? An acrylic table top could be the answer to your problems. Acrylic is versatile, strong and easy to work with. It is a fantastic material for those who want to install an updated, practical top for their garden table. Because it is weatherproof and shatterproof, replacing glass with this material is also child's play for many who want to renew their outdoor areas in the warmer months.

Some plastic suppliers can customize acrylic sheets to be exactly the size and shape you need. Regardless of whether you have a rattan garden table or something more decorative, adding an acrylic protector is an easy way to avoid damage and ensure everyone's safety. Vendors such as Plastic Sheets Shop also offer unique acrylic colors and tones, including mirror leaves in gold, silver and bronze. The use of a mirror-smooth acrylic for your table top gives your room a special finish and creates a unique illusion of the sky in your own garden!

5. Build a walkway

One of the easiest ways to add character to a larger room is to add a walkway. This gives your garden a feeling of structure and order and at the same time creates an inviting atmosphere. Certain materials used for garden walkways can also improve practicality. For example, the use of gravel helps with drainage. If you want something more decorative, pebbles or granite slabs are a great alternative, while wooden slats are easy to install and can give a more rustic feel. Whether you're familiar with a tool kit or looking for a simple project, these DIY ideas are a great way to upgrade your garden in time for spring.

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