ALDI asks the purchasers for respect

Press release

March 25, 2020

The CEO of ALDI Australia asks for calm in the retail sector

All Australians deserve access to food, and we are working very hard to deliver on that promise. We know that many of you are concerned about the spread of coronavirus and your ability to access fresh food, hygiene products, and essential items. We want to let you know that there is more than enough food to go around. We just need your patience and support.

Australia's primary producers and manufacturers are world leaders and they have been a great partner as demand has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Our warehouse and store employees work hard to distribute inventory across the country. But we need customer help. The increase in violence retailers have seen in recent weeks is absolutely unacceptable. We would like to ask everyone to be considerate and compassionate when shopping. This means civil behavior, courtesy to those who are less able, and respect for retail store employees. Frankly, we won't tolerate anything less. We understand your concerns, but buying more than necessary may cause others to be safe.

We continue to take steps throughout ALDI's branch network to ensure that our employees can continue to serve customers comfortably. Together with our branch employees, we have developed new conditions of access to our branches:

  1. Respect our employees and their physical space
  2. Respect each other and pay attention to those who are less able
  3. Practice good hygiene in our branches
  4. Don't Try to "Play" Our Product Restriction Policy
  5. We remind you that we do not accept violent behavior (verbally or physically) in or around our shops and that the police will be called immediately if necessary
  6. Be friendly, be calm, be sensitive and above all polite
  7. And please do a nice thing for someone else when you leave our shop today

Our employees do an excellent job of keeping up with demand. Please pay them the respect they deserve.

We will continue to work with our great Australian partners around the clock to distribute products to our stores. Please remember to be friendly, calm, sensitive and above all polite.

Source: ALDI.

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