What’s the distinction between a wooden and steel lathe?

A lathe is a manufacturing tool. There are two types, wood and metal, which are very different. They have to be used according to the way they work. These functions give you a more comprehensive and detailed view of the two machines.

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This is the most fundamental and significant difference from all of them. Wood lathes are suitable for woodworking, ie only grinding, coating, shaping, cutting, drilling and turning pieces of wood. It is not at all advisable to use them for hard materials. Now there are the metal lathes, which are mainly used for the machining of wood and metal workpieces. These are extremely powerful and are mainly used on metal workpieces. These can be manipulated very easily and in turn deform iron, aluminum, steel etc. But then of course you can definitely work on pieces of wood.


Since the metal lathe can be used for both wooden and metal surfaces, the price for this type of machine is considerably higher. On the other hand, the wood lathe, which only works on wooden surfaces, costs a lot less. To determine pricing more accurately, you need to read more about the physical and technical differences between these two lathes. The wood lathes are also easier to find than metallic counterparts.

Physical Properties

The noticeable physical difference between them is that wood lathes are a much smaller machine, while metal lathes are much larger and heavier, a machine. In addition, these machines consist of much simpler parts than the metal parts. Working on woodworking machines may not require adequate specialist training. However, if you choose to use metal lathes, you will need adequate professional training.


If you stick to the physical properties, you can understand very well that metal lathes are heavier, bigger and therefore more difficult to move from one place to another. On the other hand, woodworking machines are quite light, smaller and therefore much more portable. Metal counterparts are best for stationary work, while wooden counterparts are best for transportation.

Difference between a wood and metal lathe - woodworking lathe

Type of use

Woodworking lathes are manual machines that require adequate labor (which mainly relate to the hands) to function. In addition to this character, such wood machines must be under supervision for a longer period of time. On the other hand, metal lathes are just the opposite. These are computer-programmed instruments that do not require manual violence or critical surveillance. But when it comes to comfort, wood tools are much easier to machine than metal tools.


Handmade machines always leave rough edges, while computer-controlled work does not. The same applies to wood and metal lathes. The former offers its users much less accuracy than the latter.

General dangers

Both are more or less dangerous. But as always said, the percentage is different. A wood lathe can cause eye damage from the dust from wood. Dust from broken woods is more risky. On the other hand, a similar type of metal machine can not only damage the eyes from its flying objects, but also the ears because they are constantly exposed to loud noises. And the entanglement with the machine parts is a danger that is common to both. This is some of the most basic information about the two types of machines. It can help you choose the most suitable one for your workpiece.

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