Suggestions for turning Closet into Residence Workplace

If you or a family member are among the people currently working remotely, you may be wondering how to turn part of your home into an office space. It can be difficult to find space for a home office when all the rooms in your house are already full. You may not have an area in your home where you can set up a desk. And working at the dining table is not preferable because you have to keep moving paper and office supplies when it's time for dinner.

A creative solution to a lack of office space is to turn a closet into a home office. This may not give you much space, but it does give you at least one place to keep your computer and all work-related materials. If you think a closet could be the solution to your lack of home office space, read on.

Check the measurements

The first thing you want to make sure is that the closet has enough space to comfortably store some kind of desk. Most people also want some storage space, be it a filing cabinet or a shelf. Check the dimensions of the cabinet and all dimensions of the furniture that you want to put in the room. If space is limited, you may need to install bespoke furniture. You can also remove the cabinet door for extra space.

Install shelves

If space is limited, don't be afraid to move up! Use the wall area around the cabinet to create a shelving system. Make sure that the shelves do not interfere with your work area, but are close enough so that you can easily reach them. Storing files and office supplies on shelves is a good alternative to a conventional filing cabinet. They take up less space. You can also keep all work-related items in one area, so you don't have to search for items.

Find an organization system

Whenever you work in a small space, organization is key! If your home office is in a closet, it can quickly become messy if you are not careful. Find an organizational system early and stick to it. Only place items that are necessary for your job in the room. Remove duplicate office supplies (you don't need two scissors!). Keep similar items together. Get different containers where you can store supplies and files. Label the containers so you know what's in each.

Tips for transforming Closet into Home Office - beautiful home office

Make sure you have access to electrical outlets

Not all cabinets have sockets. You want a way to power your electronics and all the lights you want in the room. Check where the sockets are. You may need to get creative by running extension cables to the closet. If the cabinet doesn't currently have access to electrical outlets, you'll need to contact an electrician to find out what options you have. It is possible to install new sockets in the cabinet, but a new circuit may be required.

Choose a good chair

Don't just pull a chair into your home office! If you sit for several hours a day, you need a chair with good lumbar support. Also consider the size of the chair to make sure it fits under your desk. Some people prefer standing desks so they can switch between sitting and standing. Standing desks can help relieve back pain and improve your mood. To learn more about standing desks, visit HADO today.

Add some color

After all, there is no reason why your home office must be boring, even when it is in a closet! Add a splash of color to your room by creating an accent wall in the closet. Or use some decorative items that fit in the room. Adding color and decoration to the room makes your office look more personal. If you work in your home office for several hours a day, you want it to be a room that you enjoy looking at.

Final thoughts

If you have limited space in your home but need a home office, check your closets! While you may need to mix some items, creating an office space in a closet creates an area in your home that is intended for work purposes. Stop leaving work laptops and files on the dining table!

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