Do you want a allow to construct a shed?

Storage sheds are a popular addition to any garden for a reason. They allow you to reduce clutter in your home, store tools and equipment for outdoors or to serve as your own workshop for your favorite hobby. The ideas are unlimited and no doubt you have already started dreaming about how you will use your new structure. After choosing the perfect design, all you have to do is create it.

One question remains open. Do you need a shed permit before you get started?

The regulations vary depending on the location

The short answer is: it depends on your local and state regulations when installing new structures on your property. Each municipality can set its own rules and regulations for the construction of an outer shed. Planning and Zoning is the department responsible for reviewing blueprints and determining if permits are required. Before you start construction, you should contact Planning and Zoning in your city to learn about the rules for adding a warehouse to your garden. There are several factors that you should consider.

1. Size of the shed

Typically, you don't need a permit for small buildings like 6X8. However, approval may be required for larger buildings. You must review your district's zoning laws. In addition to reviewing the approval requirements, some locations set regulations for the maximum allowable warehouse. There may also be regulations that state that you cannot have a building that is more than a certain percentage of the size of the property.

2. Height of the structure

In many areas, it is not only the number of square meters of an exterior structure that determines whether you need a permit, but also the height and number of levels that will make up your shed. Structures above a certain height threshold require approval before construction begins.

3. Structure placement

Many communities have regulations on how close storage structures can be to houses, fences, trees, etc. This can affect where you can install your shed on your property. For safety reasons, warehouse buildings cannot be attached to residential buildings or garages in many areas. Your outbuilding is usually required to be a stand-alone structure.

4. Founding provisions

The type of foundation you want to use can determine whether you need approval. Some counties specify what types of foundations you can use in your outer shed. The type of foundation required can also depend on how you plan to use the building.

5. How do you want to use your backyard building?

Intended use plays a major role in determining whether you need to obtain approval and ensure that it is properly checked. If you intend to use it for personal reasons only, e.g. For example, to store items or as a work area, you probably don't need permission. However, if you intend to use it as additional living space or as a home office from which you do business, chances are you will need approval and will need to ensure that the exam is passed.

Do you need permission to build a shed?

6. Are you planning to install electricity?

Improper installation of electricity in a building can not only be dangerous for the occupants, but also pose a fire hazard. If you intend to power your storage shed, you will need a permit. A certified electrician must check the structure. All cables are installed correctly.

7. Do water lead to your structure?

The answer is definitely yes. You need a permit if you want water to flow into your external warehouse. After the installation is complete, an inspection must be performed to ensure that the code is complied with.

8. Located in an area susceptible to harsh weather conditions

If you live in an area that is subject to rough weather, such as For example, hurricanes or tornadoes, planning and zoning of your county or city may require approval. This is because there may be regulations about how you can build your outdoor structure and approval is required to ensure that it complies with the code and can withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

9. Do you need to consider your homeowner's association?

Absolutely. Before you even start planning and zoning government and local regulations, you should check with your homeowners association to determine whether outdoor storage buildings are permitted and, if so, which regulations apply. There may be regulations regarding size, type of material, foundation, location and even color.

Things to Do Before Visiting Planning or Zoning Your City or County

The last thing you want to do is build your garden storage shed and then find out that it doesn't meet building regulations. Building a garden shed can have serious consequences without obtaining the appropriate permits. The city can punish you, make you move your shed, or even dismantle it. However, going to your planning and zone office to get approval for your building is a waste of time if you don't have an actual plan. Here is the information you need to have prepared in advance to take with you.

  • Free floor plans, including dimensions
  • The place on your property where you want to place your shed
  • The type of foundation you want to use
  • The proximity of the proposed shed to other structures, fences, trees, etc.
  • How you want to use the warehouse
  • No matter whether you want to bring running water or electricity into the shed

With all of this information on hand, make sure you are not wasting a trip and get an accurate answer as to whether your shed has been approved and whether you need approval.

Ready to start?

Now that you understand the factors that affect whether you need a permit, it's time to start building your outdoor warehouse. The first step is to choose a design.

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