Which SURFACES do you have to disinfect for CORONAVIRUS?

CORONAVIRUS – WHICH SURFACES SHOULD YOU DISINFECT – As seen on 3TV / Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona – Monday, March 23, 2020 – 8:45 a.m.

The CDC defines cleaning as removing germs, dirt and contaminants from surfaces. This does not kill germs, but removing it reduces the number and risk of spreading infection

Disinfection disrupts and kills germs, bacteria, viruses etc.

The disease control and prevention centers estimate that the coronavirus could be viable for hours or days. In the air, probably 3 hours, on hard surfaces 3 – 9 days. They absorb more viruses from hard surfaces than soft surfaces such as clothing, upholstery, etc.


Disinfect at home three times a day.

Door handles

light switch

Toilet handles

Desks and cell phones

Remote controls

Microwave and refrigerator handles, cabinet handles

Seats and handles on exercise equipment

Bottoms and handles on purses, briefcases and diaper bags. Do not put them on counters or tables

Men's wallets


Door handles

writing desk



Laundry baskets

steering wheel

ATMs – every area you touch

Credit cards


** For suitable disinfectant solutions and their use click on this link – Go here

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