The right way to adorn your new dwelling

New buildings may have a nice, flawless feel (not to mention knowing that everything just works), but it can also be a challenge to decide how to decorate such a blank board. You have incredible creative freedom – but sometimes that means your options are overwhelming.

As you prepare to move to a new building, try some of these decorating tips to narrow down your options and capture a comfortable but modern feel.

# 1 Neutral colors

Color will always be the first place to start decorating, and neutral tones work wonders for a new building. They help maintain the light, airy feel of a new building without feeling empty. Consider colors like duck egg blue or dove gray.

# 2 Customize your devices

One of the great things about planning a move to a new house is talking to the builder about customizing certain features so you don't have to change them later. Match pairs are a good example. They are expensive to replace and also have a big visual impact on your home. They determine the style of the house in many ways, from the door handles to the lights.

One way to ensure that your new build has exactly the facilities you want is by working with a custom construction company like Blythwood Homes that specializes in dream homes in masterly designed adult lifestyle communities.

# 3 window dressings

Window coverings express so much of the personality of your home. Adapt the window decorations to the type of light you receive in the room. When there is a lot of sun, brighter dressings do not fade. Light fabrics usually hang well, so use them well. One of the advantages of a new building is that you don't have to rely on heavy window decorations to keep drafts out in winter. Lean in on the benefits!

How to decorate your new build home window

# 4 "Talk to furniture"

There is a technique for arranging your living room that ensures that your sofa "talks" to your chairs. In this way, a living room is designed that facilitates hosting and creates a feeling of intimacy and balance. There are two ways to ensure that your seating area is ideal for conversation:

  • U-shaped design with an open space opposite the sofa and an armchair on the left and right wing facing inwards; Excellent for a living room with a TV.
  • H-shaped seating area, ideal for entertaining rooms, in which the sofa is placed on one side, which is balanced by two armchairs next to each other and faces the couch.

# 5 Find the right place for mirrors

Mirrors can be a great addition if you want to bring more light into a room, but they can also easily backfire. If mirrors are not placed carefully and thoughtfully, they can reflect random objects, overemphasize the clutter, or the one piece of furniture you want to replace. Mirrors should be replaced to reflect a great view or to shine more light into the room. Be careful when placing them.

# 6 All together

When creating your individual look, visit various suppliers for floors, cabinets, ceramics, sanitary fittings, banisters and fireplace design. Once you've completed this hurricane tour, it's best to put all your samples together in one place and do a final review. Moving to a new home is an exciting time. Don't let the decorations overwhelm you. Try these tips the first time you move in to maintain an inviting, modern feel.

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