The way to clear the skin of your private home to extend its worth

People are advised not only to clean their houses for aesthetic reasons, but also to minimize health risks. After all, all types of germs and bacteria are attracted to every unkempt corner of the house. The cleanliness of a house is not just for presentation. Even if you can live with all the dirt and mess, and you can personally say that you haven't had any health problems because of it, this will certainly not work if you plan to sell your home at some point.

You need to do a thorough cleaning to get the best deal possible.

Keep your nature flawless

You can increase the value of your home by making your curb more attractive. Now you probably think that you need to mow the lawn, add some plants, remove the weeds and prune the hedges. However, this also includes thorough cleaning of the outside area, the driveway and even the sidewalks of your house. Ultimately, beautification and cleanliness should go hand in hand if you want to increase the sales power of your home. When you're ready to take on the monumental task of cleaning the exterior of your house from top to bottom, the following sections will help you develop your own strategy.

Be honest about how dirty your outside areas really are

Before you go to the home improvement depot to buy the most modern cleaning tools you can find, you must first assess the dirt content of your outdoor areas. After all, your home may not be dirty enough for advanced tools. For example, a light layer of dirt can be cleaned by lightly scrubbing with the help of a garden hose. While getting the pressure washer tempting right away may be tempting, it's best reserved for scenarios where you're dealing with serious, year-long dirt.

Use a garden hose

Houses made of delicate wooden shingles, stucco or bricks can best be cleaned with peels, cleaning solutions and a garden hose. You can even buy special nozzles and detergent containers to properly clean areas with stickier dirt. As a rule, spraying water alone should suffice if your home is only slightly dirty. Otherwise, use the cleaning container to remove the dirt more easily. Make sure you work your way down from the top and angle the hose down.

How to clean the outside of your house to increase its value - cleaning

Use a pressure washer

The pressure washer is a great tool if you are dealing with dirt that has felt like home for a long time. However, a pressure washer is similar to a power tool that can be dangerous in the hands of a beginner. In fact, its pressure is so strong that it can break windows if you're not careful. Make sure you choose the right nozzle for your home needs. Nozzles are usually supplied in degrees from 45 degrees to 0 degrees. 0 degrees has the strongest spray and its water is only concentrated in narrow areas.

If you choose a pressure washer, make sure you always spray down and move the hose from side to side. Do not aim it at an area for too long as it could be destroyed. Also consider the material you are using it on, as not all materials can stand it. It is also recommended to test it on a small area first before washing the whole house. Only move to other areas if you can confirm that there is no damage.

If everything else fails, hire professional cleaners

If you are not sure whether you can do this task, you can always hire professional house cleaners like Propel Pressure Cleaning to do the job for you. They have complete equipment that can reach even the most inaccessible areas. And even if you take the initiative to do it yourself, sometimes your tools have limits, and it's certainly not worth buying updated versions. In this case, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals.

A clean exterior is as important as a presentable interior

If you spend most of your time "at home", you can easily forget that the exterior is also part of it. It is often forgotten until it becomes undeniably dirty. While it can do no harm to ignore all the dirt, it is certainly important if you plan to sell the house. So if you want potential buyers to recognize the true value of your home, make sure that you transform your exterior into something that may at first glance attract your attention. If you have taken good care of your home over the years, thorough cleaning can be all it takes to make it look new.

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