Manu mixes meals, espresso and love

Celebrity chef Manu Feildel has teamed up with L’OR Espresso to create three romantic recipes.

With the help of The Bachelor's relationship expert and guru, Samantha Jayne, they discovered how the stimulating properties of coffee and various foods can make your heart beat faster.

The premium coffee brand L'OR transforms the coffee experience at home with L'OR Barista, the first capsule machine that prepares two drinks at the same time or offers a double-shot coffee that is perfect for those looking for an intense, multi-sensory experience .

Each of the L’OR Espresso recipes was developed for a different occasion, such as a first date, a special anniversary or for new parents, and contains different ingredients of love.

Manu describes the recipes:

Orange-hazelnut-espresso martini:

"My variant of a classic with added orange and hazelnuts will help you relax and unwind as soon as you have the last moments to yourself!"

Coffee creme brulee with caramelized figs

“Chilli and Chocolate! A marriage in heaven! Heat is synonymous with passion! Just the right ingredient to improve your first date. "

Roasted duck breast in a coffee and honey pan with glazed carrots and parsnips

“The sharpness of cinnamon and the sweetness of honey are believed to be the nectar of the goddess Aphrodite. How can you go wrong when preparing this delicious dish for your significant other? "

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