eight Breathtaking Concepts from Сorners Inside Design

Have you designed the interior but don't feel satisfied enough? Perhaps you have completely forgotten the design of the corners.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of eight lively ideas on how to decorate the corners of the apartment.

1. Gallery

The corner is a wonderful place for a small exhibition of your favorite pictures and photos. Do not overload the walls, hang the frames evenly and assign them harmoniously. Even the salient corner could play the role of the gallery – the art will surely not go unnoticed and the whole interior will get a fresh, brand new look. Another option is to set up a home information center for family tips and planning. You can add a notice board, a stack of notes, and a calendar in the corner.

2nd reading point

The position in the corner is always the most advantageous and convenient. The walls here are protected from two sides. It is also a place where you can look around comfortably without attracting attention. Arrange a cozy reading and relaxation corner in the bedroom, living room or children's room. You can put a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp in the corner or just more pillows. The main thing is that you should feel comfortable and relaxed all round.

3. Work area

If you work at home but don't have a separate office, you'll find a place for a chair, a desk, and an adjustable converter in the corner. An additional bonus is that the work area by the window is located directly in the bedroom or in the kitchen. This gives you enough light and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the vivid view through the window.

8 Breathtaking Ideas from Сorners Interior Design - Workspace

4. Decorations

If all the furniture has already been set and you have forgotten the corners, it is not too late to set up a high floor vase or house plants, for example. The bigger the room, the bigger the decoration should be. If you think a vase or flower looks bad, create a multi-element composition. But first make sure there is enough light for the plants in the corner.

5. Mirror

You can easily influence the geometry of the room by placing a mirror in the corner. Such a place would be a perfect place where the reflection affects the lighting and the visual enlargement of the room is the most efficient.

6. Small table

A small corner table is practical in the anteroom. It could be completely the same shape as the corner that fills the entire room. But keep in mind that in such a convenient place, random, messy things quickly accumulate – forgotten books, glasses, and keys, a mug that was brought to the kitchen but was suddenly distracted, cell phones, and other items. In this case, you have two options: to prevent this by covering a table with a lamp or decor, or to promote it by providing boxes and shelves for storage.

7. Shelves

There are many options – spacious shelves, small open shelves, bookshelves and a shelf that replaces the bedside table. The corner is a great place to store and display what you appreciate in every room of your home. The most important thing is that everything has to be set precisely with precision measuring tools. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, it is better to find a specialist.

8. Closet

Decorate the corner of the bedroom to store clothes, shoes and jewelry. This will definitely help you keep your things neat and organized. So you don't have to plunge into a messy bump to look for the clean shirt since everything has its own place. There are many wonderful storage ideas that you can look up and integrate into your interior.

Final thoughts

Empty corners are nothing special. They look like the owner of the room has just moved in and hasn't bought enough furniture yet. A lively corner fill, on the other hand, immediately gives the interior a lively appearance. Such valuable space should not be wasted.

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