Microsoft 70-480 examination: key profession advantages and superb strategies for passing follow checks

Microsoft 70-480 is a worthwhile certification exam to study for. And most of all, it will be profitable for you to pass it. It is aimed at professional web developers who use CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 in their work. After passing this test, all you have to do is delete Microsoft 70-486 to receive the MCSA: Web Applications certificate.

Exam 70-480 is designed to ensure that applicants have the relevant knowledge to create web apps. They should also have the skills in asynchronous programming, working with methods and prototypes, dealing with errors and exceptions, and other necessary skills. Preparing for this test helps professionals with more experience learn more about CSS and JS. If you study for it, less experienced specialists are exposed to the entire front of the web stack. The existence of Microsoft 70-480 confirms the candidate's expertise in programming in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

Requirements for taking the Microsoft 70-480 exam

To qualify for the Microsoft 70-480 exam, you must have the knowledge and skills to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to perform the tasks you need to do in the workplace. Students should also have one or more years of experience programming application logic and basic business logic for a variety of hardware platforms, software platforms, and application types using JavaScript. For a better score, candidates are advised to practice HTML in an event-driven, object-oriented programming model for at least a year.

Details on the Microsoft 70-480 exam structure and topics

To pass this certification test, you need to learn about the topics that Microsoft shows on its official website. There are four main exam objectives with different subtopics. The topics are as follows:

  • Implementation of the program flow;
  • Access and security of data;
  • Implementation and manipulation of document objects and structures;
  • Use of CSS3 in apps.

You should also know that the Microsoft 70-480 test gives you 120 minutes to answer about 50 questions. Of course you have to pay for that. For those from the US, it will be $ 165. The fee is different for other countries.

Benefits of passing the Microsoft 70-480 exam for your career as a web developer

As already mentioned, after passing Microsoft 70-480 you are eligible for the MCSA: Web Applications certification. This is an important requirement for professionals who want to become web administrators or web developers. Getting one of these job roles is a big step in your career. You become more credible and earn the trust of your employers. This MCSA certificate clearly shows the hiring managers and employers that you have the skills to perform the tasks assigned to you. Exam 70-480 improves the experience you have had in this area. This means that you have advanced skills to get better at your work place and get things done quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft 70-480 Exam - Computer

Another professional advantage of passing Microsoft 70-480 is that you can opt for more advanced exams and certificates. For example, if you pass it, you may need to take another test to complete the MCSA: web application certification path. You also have more options to choose parent credentials and become an experienced web developer or administrator. It should sharpen your skills and make you more efficient in performing your tasks. This will increase your performance and you will also be more confident in your skills.

We would also like to mention that this certification exam, by sharpening and polishing your knowledge, helps to improve the performance of the company you work for. After passing the test, use more advanced and results-oriented approaches to find solutions to the challenges that your IT company faces in terms of web development and management. This makes you a big win for your company and helps you keep your job, get a promotion, and even qualify for a raise.

Techniques to pass the Microsoft 70-480 exam

Below are some simple but effective techniques to help you pass your Microsoft 70-480 test:

  • Make sure you study the exam topics thoroughly to understand them.
  • Register for the exam as early as possible to avoid missing out due to late registration.
  • Use multiple study materials for each topic you study and go through each one more than once. The repeated process can help increase the retention of the content you cover.
  • Create a study plan and let him guide you through your preparation time.
  • Set learning goals and objectives. With a clear goal, you will know exactly what you are working towards each time you study, and you will strive to achieve it.
  • Cover all goals and finish your preparation before the exam date.
  • Use practice tests from the PrepAway website. Go for it as your primary method of preparation.
  • Work with your friends who are also working to pass the Microsoft 70-480 exam. You can meet regularly to share ideas and share notes.
  • Always eat healthy, sleep well and stay physically active so that you are fresh and motivated to learn.
  • With the 70-480 test, make sure you stay focused and read questions carefully to understand what is required before writing the answer. Don't allow your thoughts to wander away. Instead, focus on what you are doing.
  • Know how long you need to fill out the paper and properly manage your time to avoid leaving some questions unattended due to time constraints.


Given that Microsoft 70-480 is a popular and highly valued certification test, you need to prepare adequately to get a good score. You can easily do it with the valid resources from PrepAway. There you will find a whole bundle with various learning materials. Exam dumps can also be a great tool during your preparation time. So don't miss the chance to use them.

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