Art posters are becoming increasingly popular in the art industry and in interior design. They improve the aesthetics of every home and save costs at the same time. An art poster can be kept in pristine condition by being enclosed in a frame. In order to get the best design for a home when working with posters, it is important to choose them based on the theme and mood of the room, your personality and decorating style, and the ambience you choose.

After finding the right poster that meets these criteria, you can consider the following to set it up according to the standards of the interior:


If you intend to design your living environment with a collection of posters of the same size, you should arrange them symmetrically. You can choose the best layout based on the size of the poster, the wall and the number of posters. In a situation where you have a collection with an even number of artworks (4, 6, 8), you can design a square or rectangular grid pattern. The posters must be at least 1 inch and not more than 6 inches apart. It should have a center that measures 60 to 66 inches above the ground.

For poster collections with odd numbers (3, 5, 7), you can arrange them horizontally if the wall is very wide. Otherwise, they should be arranged vertically for a wall with a narrow width. A collection of 2 posters should be placed side by side, unless the wall is narrow.


They can be arranged asymmetrically for posters with different sizes. You can give your home a dynamic look by combining posters with different sizes and orientations (vertical and horizontal). A gallery can be created by combining works of art and photos. Then one or two posters serve as anchors.



In this category you need the following: pencil, measuring tape, painter's tape, handicraft paper roll, picture hanger (with nail), spirit level and hammer. First, the surface of the wall intended for the design must be measured. You can have the wall displayed by sticking a few rolls of craft paper on the wall area. The glued paper should be placed on the floor. Put your posters on the floor. Choose your focus – these can be two large posters placed in the middle of the paper. Small and medium-sized posters can be placed on both sides of the large posters, which are filled in in a clear pattern. Each side of the center should have the same visual weight for a balanced display. When you're happy with the arrangement, use a pencil to make traces around the frames. You can photograph the design for later reference.

The distance between the top of the poster frame and the hanging object on the back should be measured. You can determine the position of the picture ironing nail by pulling wire in the middle to get an impression of the frame, which is hung on a hook, and then mark the location.

Finally, the handicraft paper template can be hung on the wall with a painter's tape. Hammer in the nails at the marked position on the paper with a hammer. Remove the paper from the nails and remove the tape. You can then hang up the posters and other art frames with the picture taken earlier as a reference. Portrait posters have become increasingly popular. An ecommerce store that sells portrait art is ArtFrill.

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