Suggestions for transforming the lavatory

Completely renovating the bathroom can be a daunting task. You're trying to remap the layout, figure out how to bypass the current installation, and wonder how much it will cost and how long it will take. We all want a bathroom that has the right fixtures and amenities to be functional, comfortable, and at the same time reflect our personal style. As with any project, a bit of planning is enough, and once you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, it is much easier to put your plan into practice.

With the following four tips you can realize your dream of remodeling your bathroom.

Save money by not making too many changes to the installation

Maybe you didn't know that, but postponing drainage and water supply is very expensive. So if you want to save some money, try to place the new fittings as close as possible to the current position. Your installation may be out of date and you still need to change it, then you can install the new fittings in different positions. If you were going to change the layout to make more space, don't worry, there are many tricks that will make your bathroom look bigger. You can use pedestal sinks, clear glass shower doors and replace your small medicine cabinet mirror with a wider one. This gives the impression of more freedom and you don't feel claustrophobic when you get ready in the morning. You can find more design ideas at

Ventilation of the bathroom

Many homeowners tend to neglect this aspect when renovating. They seem to think that a fan is mainly used to remove unpleasant smells, but its main function is to vent warm, humid air that is created when you shower. If you don't have a fan and the room smells musty, it is very advisable to install one and check for mold. The warm, humid air not only leads to mold, but can also damage the fittings and surfaces in the bathroom. If you invest part of your hard earned money in upgrades, you want to make the most of them.

Tips for remodeling the bathroom - great bathroom

Adjust the room size with color

We all wish we had a large bathroom like we see in pictures of spas. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones, but if your bathroom is a bit small, make sure your color choices stay in the white or light range. The use of dark colors makes the room feel even smaller. If you're not a big fan of strong white, you can choose a tone-on-tone palette in soft shades of gray, warm beige, or powder blue. This will make your bathroom look airy. Choosing a lush tile and matching the color on the remaining walls with one of the shades will give you a calm spa look.

Bathroom lighting is important

In a room where people regularly inspect their hair and faces, it is strange how many opt for dim light that comes from only one source, usually from the ceiling lamp. Add at least some side-mounted wall lights to the mirror, or you can mount them directly on the mirror if you use umbrellas placed at eye level. The best option is to use three layers of light, ambient light from the ceiling, work lighting for your grooming activities, and accent lighting that serves to highlight architectural and decor elements.

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