Indicators of a pest invasion in your property

It is not always immediately apparent when a pest has entered your home. Some pests cause a lot of clutter and noise that everyone can identify, others can be in the shade and waiting to be hit. Fortunately, you can usually determine that you have a pest control problem, and even narrow down what pest you have when you experience the signs of an invasion.

It is always recommended to consult a professional pest control company to remove pests, as they have years of experience in safely removing dangerous animals.


Mice are one of the most common pests that can enter your home. When they have found an entry point, they can dig into their home and build a cozy nest in your walls or under your floorboards. Mice can cause a lot of interference because they scurry loudly and generally make a lot of noise. This could be the first sign that you have an unwanted furry guest. The classic symbol of a mouse in the house is droppings that lie around where the mouse roams. Look for small black pellets on the floor as a sign of rodent activity.


Rats are creatures of habit, so they tend to take the same routes when traveling. A telltale sign of rat activity are therefore markings, fur and smears along a path. The most common place for rat swabs are baseboards where the rodent rubs as it travels to and from its burrow. Also look out for feces and a stale smell, as these are also signs of rat infestation.

Wasps and bees

The obvious sign of a wasp or bee nest in your property is a buzzing and scratching sound and the discovery of dead wasps or bees in your property. Look for an entry point in a wall cavity, a shed roof, or a gap in the masonry – a few wasps or bees should go in and out every few minutes. If you see a swarm of bees, there is a good chance that this is just a temporary swarm of bees, which usually dissolves in a few hours to a few days. Do not try to remove bees or wasps yourself as this can cause injury and possibly a life threatening allergic reaction if stung.

Signs of a pest invasion in your property - wasp

bed bugs

There are some important signs that bed bugs have moved in. Bed bugs are often mistaken for fleas because both cause bites. Bed bugs usually bite the whole body, but fleas usually only bite the arms and legs. If you smell a sickly, sweet smell of almonds and find dark spots on your mattress, these are classic signs of a bed bug invasion. Bed bugs are also naked to the eye. So if you see small reddish brown spots in the mattress and small white eggs, you should act quickly to find a pest control company.


Ants are probably one of the easiest to identify pests in your property. These insects create characteristic swarms and can do great damage. They roam thousands of your property in search of food and cause damage wherever they live. However, some ants' nests are difficult to spot, especially if they are not visible. You can prevent ants from becoming your property by removing crumbs and other leftover food from the floor and sealing garbage appropriately.


Birds like wild pigeons can cause many problems, leave droppings everywhere, bring other pests into your property, make noise and spread disease. Common signs are a lot of noise, e.g. B. flutter and bird sounds, damage to your property and deposits such as fallen feathers, feces and dirt.


Some pests are easy to spot and others less easy to identify. If you ever have any doubts about what to do, call a pest control company that can help you find out which pests are causing you problems and then remove them for you.

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