Do you dare to select me up with a glowing wine?

The latest product launch of the innovative beverage guide combines 100 percent Colombian cold brew coffee with purified mineral water.

It should deliver a "smooth, sweet, refreshing and of course delicious pickup from me". The drink contains no artificial sweeteners or sugar, and with only seven calories per bottle, it's also a great option that's better for you.

"Dare Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee will certainly appeal to fans who are looking for something else to make in the morning or afternoon," said Darryn Wallace, Marketing and Innovation Director at Lion Dairy & Drinks.

He adds that as one of Australia's most popular coffee brands, Dare has been rated as innovative by fans.

“They want the choice and are responding to fans' expectations with their new Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee Dare. This offers a lighter, refreshing drink without sugar and with the functional advantage that I can be picked up by the cold brewed coffee. "

The new range is available in local independent grocery stores in Queensland and in selected convenience stores. Lion says it should be between sparkling chilled drinks – not between the flavored milk department.

Dare Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee is filled with a screw cap and can be refrigerated for up to three months.

The range includes Original 330 ml, With Vanilla 330 ml and With Citrus 330 ml.

"We believe in offering consumers a choice, and this new product offering is a great way to offer more options that meet their needs at the time of purchase," said Wallace.

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