Ritchies Celebrates $ 50 Million in Donations!

The Ritchies Community Benefit program started in 1993 and since then the supermarket has raised a total of $ 50 million.

Since the start of the program, donations have been made to the food bills of local schools, clubs, or charities of their choice.

The 50 millionth donation was donated to Dromana CFA today, with a check for $ 5000 given to Captain Timothy Desmond, Dromana CFA.

"We are so grateful that we received Ritchie's 50 millionth donation," said Desmond.

"The Dromana Brigade, founded in 1929, has served the wider Victorian community for over nine decades."

How did the donations help?

“Our monthly payments from the program have so far been over $ 334,000. In the end, we were able to invest in five new vehicles and important devices such as dural tubes, pressure fans and electronic devices such as cell phones, portable CFA radios and iPads for devices as station computers and furniture, ”explains Desmond.

Fred Harrison, longtime CEO of Ritchies, said: “We are honored that the Ritchies Community Benefits Program has changed the lives of many Australians and enriched countless organizations that help our local communities.

"We are so proud of what we have achieved so far. 50 million is just the beginning."

AustronLians Vote: The Ten Best Charities Nominated by Ritchies Buyers

  1. Victorian CFAs – $ 3 million (combined number – brigades received single amounts)
  2. RSPCA – $ 2,750,000
  3. Cancer Council – $ 2,699,000
  4. Salvation Army – $ 1,850,000
  5. Royal Children's Hospital – $ 1,580,000
  6. Ritchies Emergency Relief Fund – $ 876,972
  7. Westpac Rescue Helicopter – $ 613,217
  8. St. Vincent De Paul – $ 488,429
  9. Peter MacCallum Cancer Center Vic – $ 411,420
  10. Guide dogs – USD 414,828

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