Washing of leather-based work gloves

I was a sorter for food production for about two years and the most important experience I recognized was warming up your hands. That is why I always wear gloves when I work in a freezer. In my opinion, I love using leather gloves because they can warm our hands better than other glove materials and tend to last a long time.

However, washing and maintaining leather gloves is a difficult problem for me. If I just wash the gloves with water or throw them in the washing machine, they can cause terrible problems, including drying out, mold or putrefaction, and chemical damage. That's why I've been looking for different ways to protect my products, and I've found two best ways to do it how to wash leather work gloves Just use basic items in your home. In this article I would like to tell you step by step:

The first formula:

  • A toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • One and a half cups of liquid detergent.
  • clothespins

This is the easiest way to wash the leather gloves, and I think these necessary formula materials are not difficult to find in your home. However, this tip is often used to wash the gloves. Don't touch too much petroleum jelly. Therefore, if you are a mechanic, you will need a different formula to remove oils on the product. Some components you should prepare in this way, including:

The second formula:

  • 200 g baking powder.
  • 200 g corn starch.
  • Utils
  • towels
  • spoon

Once the preparation is complete, we can start with the first step you want, including:

The formula for washing leather gloves with a little petroleum jelly:

Wash work gloves with a little petroleum jelly

Step 1: Brush off dirt and grime with the toothbrush

Put medium toothpaste on the toothbrush and wipe off the dirt on the gloves. You should rub the product in carefully to prevent the leather from peeling off. In particular, wipe off entire corners of dirt from work gloves and fingertips. Because most of the dirt is collected in this section.

Step 2: Prepare the bucket with water and detergent

After wiping the gloves with the toothbrush, in the next step prepare the bucket filled with water. Add any liquid detergent you put in the bucket with a tablespoon of salt.

Step 3: Put the leather gloves in the soap solution

Put your work gloves in the solution for at least 10-15 minutes. Then rub off dirt and grime with your hands.

Step 4: Fill another bucket with cold water

When you have completely wiped the leather gloves and removed all hard stains, remove the product from the solution. Next, you need to fill another bucket with cold water and put your gloves in to rinse off the soap solution.

Step 5: Squeeze out and remove the soap solution completely

Gently push the product down to remove water and soap solution. Then place clothespins in the inner part of all the fingertips of the two leather gloves to maintain the natural and original shape of the product.

Step 6: Hang the gloves outdoors to let them dry

When you have completed step 5, hang your gloves out to dry and remember to remove the clothespins from your fingers once the product is dry.

Washing of leather work gloves - gloves

The formula for washing leather gloves with a lot of oil:

In this way, you can optimally remove oils and odors from the leather gloves.

How to clean the work gloves with a lot of oil

Step 1: Mix 200 g baking powder and 200 g corn starch in a bowl or jar.

Step 2: Turn the leather glove lining over and place your product on a dried towel.

Step 3: Use a spoon to gently and evenly distribute a mixture on the glove lining.

Step 4: Let it stand for 1 hour, turn to the other food and repeat this regularly.

Step 5: Remove mixture and dirt with utensils.

These are two wonderful formulas for washing leather gloves. In addition to removing dirt and contaminants from the product, we should treat them carefully to avoid future injury or damage. I am happy to give you some useful tips for protecting your work gloves:

Tips for protecting the texture of leather work gloves:

  • You can use warm water to get a high result when rubbing the gloves.
  • Do not hang your gloves in the sun for long.
  • Avoid direct contact with heat.
  • Do not dry clean your leather gloves as this can damage your product.
  • Do not fully immerse the gloves in water to prevent rotting or mold.
  • Do not touch harsh chemicals while wearing the gloves.
  • Do not use detergents that are not used for leather gloves.

In summary, there are still many ways to clean leather gloves with different materials. However, two options in this article are perfect for not only removing dirt and odors, but also protecting the leather texture of your product. I often use both formulas to keep my leather gloves from breaking. And please keep in mind that when used more than 40 times, your product should be disinfected to maintain its overall durability and health.

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