TRSA names the primary winners of the "Finest Vegetation"

PLANTS OF THE YEAR: Textile Care Services (TCS), Rochester, Minnesota, now part of the Healthcare Linen Services Group


TRSA's selection of the first award for the best plants of the year recognizes the sustainability of linen and unified service, and recognizes businesses that are more than 100 years apart to establish contemporary best practices that reflect their commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The older Textile Care Services (TCS) laundry in Rochester, Minnesota, consumes only 0.17 gallons of fresh water per pound and produces £ 32 million a year to serve healthcare, hotel, and food and beverage customers on 21 full-time and six part-time contracts – to use. Time routes.

Opened in 1915 by the Mayo Clinic and Kahler Hotel, the facility is now part of the Healthcare Linen Services Group, which operates nine laundries in four states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Kentucky).

The younger facility, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Services, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, has seen pounds per operator hour increase 80% to 160 in the past three years.

Opened in 2017, the 35,000-square-foot facility produces £ 50,000 a day and serves 80 accounts.

Ecotex has five laundries in two provinces (British Columbia, Ontario) and two states (New Mexico, Oklahoma).

The best plants of the year from TRSA report their extensive efforts to improve the options for supplying, washing and maintaining textiles for their business customers. Your applications for this award describe successes and obstacles overcome and cite statistical results for a variety of indicators, from environmental responsibility to productivity improvements.

Recent TCS upgrades include a replacement feeder folder that triples the number of parts per hour. A new floor sorting system was put into operation in 2006 and the rails were replaced. Then new tunnel presses were added. The organization, with 219 full-time employees, includes a customer service team that visits accounts monthly and keeps track of clean rejections from everyone. The latest information technology (IT) includes a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) with dashboards and surveys.

The largest equipment investment in the Ecotex facility was made in tunnel washers. The Dispensary Cart program allows "no folding" for some products that are normally folded, which increases productivity. Through the practice of the plant to add and add the fabric stock to "pre-made" orders six hours before shipment, a standard working model was created that shortens the time in which goods are expressed "just in time" by the plant to place orders fulfill. In IT, the largest single investment in the laundry was the accounting system. Further intelligent laundry solutions such as the standardization of laundry use and bed makeup programs will follow.

The Best Plant Award, which is part of the TRSA Leadership Awards series, will be presented on March 25 at the 10th annual TRSA conference in Washington. Other member organizations to be honored are winners of the TRSA awards for community and customer service, recognition of diversity, security and sustainability.

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