Artistic yard concepts to maintain your cattle protected

Do you own a homestead? Chickens, rabbits and other animals need adequate protection in winter and summer!

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During the winter months it is important to remember that your cattle need protection from the elements. Neglecting them can cause a variety of problems, including premature death. Still, it's not always that easy to put them in a barn. If you need creative ways to protect your cattle, these ideas may help.

Consider rotating panels for a windbreak

As you know, sometimes it is the wind that really makes things cold. For this purpose, setting up windshields is an excellent way to protect your cattle. Wind protection should be erected on slightly elevated and slightly draining areas to avoid problems with cattle in the water. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a location for your windbreak is the natural terrain of your country. Each property has a different topography, and this of course channels the wind in certain areas. Placing a windbreak in an area where wind rarely blows would be a waste of resources. Instead, place them in areas where a lot of air is moved in the winter months. The use of panels that can rotate for the construction of the windbreak is an excellent way to offer protection from the oppressive summer sun and the cold winter wind. In winter, the panels can be turned vertically to block the wind. As soon as summer comes, you can turn the panels horizontally upwards so that the cattle can enjoy an excellent shade.

Portable barrel in shed

If you're looking for a way to provide protection without bearing the cost of building a permanent structure in your garden like a barn, consider a portable run in the shed. Portable windshields are designed to withstand the rigors of moving from place to place, and are an affordable way to protect your livestock. In addition, a portable windbreak gives you flexibility in deployment. Depending on the weather conditions, you can position the windbreak so that your cattle offer sufficient protection regardless of the prevailing wind direction and location. Remember that a portable windbreak in your garden must be designed so that it does not tip in the wind. For this reason, if you plan to build one yourself instead of buying a pre-made one, make sure that you use plans for portable windshields versus fixed windshields.

The advantages of shelter

It is not just human to keep your cattle comfortable. It is also the most economically efficient thing for your business. Animals that are adequately protected are healthier than those that are not. You will also notice a difference in your feed costs if your animals are properly protected. For this reason, take the time to consider the unique situation of your farm and to choose the most suitable protection options for your cattle.

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