Arkadia extends the Chai vary with flavors

From April 1, Arkadia Chai tea will be available in the Coles supermarkets with no added sugar and with a vegan taste.

No added sugar

The No Added Sugar Tea is a mixture of exotic spices and natural sweeteners. The cafe-style drink contains only 54 calories per serving when prepared on water as stated.

Arkadia Chai tea without added sugar, sweetened with Greenspoon Natural Stevia, delivers the same Arkadia Spice taste without guilt.

This can be done by simply adding hot water for a chai tea or milk for a low-calorie chai latte.


Arkadia Chai Tea Vegan is a dairy-free blend of black tea base and exotic ground spices that delivers an aromatic coffee-style drink.

The chai spice mix is ​​ready to serve and adds vegetable hot milk for a creamy vegan chai latte.

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