The best way to get scratches from goggles

"Oh! My goggles are full of scratches, I couldn't see anything to work with." Have you seen this problem before? My product always shows scratches from small to large stains, which makes me feel uncomfortable. I usually wear safety glasses to protect my eyes from sparks because I am a welder. Some elements that cause scratches on my product are sparks, dirt, seizures, etc. In order to keep my welding work in top condition, I have to remove these marks and keep the lenses transparent.

During the work process, I tried many ways to protect my product and found seven special tips. In this article, I like to share these wonderful formulas that will help me Get scratches from the goggles, These options are easy to do with household items. Depending on the condition of the markings and materials you have, you can choose one of the following seven formulas:

The first formula: using a polymer polishing kit for goggles


  • Equipment.
  • Soft and small cloth.

This formula is the easiest way as you only need to buy the goggle polishing kit. This equipment can be found efficiently in several convenience and grocery stores. Before you begin removing marks from your product, you must read the instructions or instructions carefully. Because every tool or brand has different uses. Remember that this way, light scratches are effectively erased.

Use polymer polishing kit

Step 1: Unpack the kit and read the instructions carefully to get information about the dry season.

Step 2: Apply a product liquid to the light markings.

Step 3: Use the included brush applicator to gently rub these scratches.

Step 4: Let the product dry depending on the recommended period.

Step 5: wipe the glasses with a small and soft cloth.

The second formula: apply scratch remover


  • Non-abrasive toothpaste (or a mixture of baking soda and water).
  • Cotton ball.
  • A little cool water.

How to get scratches from protective glasses - baking soda

You should use the non-abrasive toothpaste so as not to remove the clarity of the lenses. Otherwise, you can mix the right amount of baking soda and water in a bowl until a thick paste forms. After you've prepared the ingredients of this formula, you can do the following:

Use scratch remover

Step 1: Apply the scratch remover to the lenses.

Step 2: Wipe the toothpaste with the cotton ball in a circular motion in the markings.

Step 3: If your goggles have deep scratches, you should repeat the above steps.

Step 4: If you remove marks from your product, you should use some cold water to rinse the solution.

The third formula: use vehicle cleaning wax


  • Vehicle cleaning wax.
  • Raw cloth.

How to get scratches from goggles - fabric

Don't worry if you use vehicle cleaning wax on your goggles. Although this tool is often used to polish vehicles or cars, it is still good to remove scratches, especially from glass and plastic materials. You should also equip raw clothing to prevent wax from sticking to the fabric.

Step 1: Take a little wax in the raw cloth.

Step 2: Carefully rub the scratched areas.

Step 3: Repeat the above steps until you have removed entire marks on the lenses.

The fourth formula: mixture of glass cleaner and soap


  • Glass cleaner or window cleaner.
  • A little washing-up liquid.
  • Soft clothes.
  • Microfiber fabric.

How to get scratches from goggles - glass cleaner

Use glass cleaner with soap

Step 1: put cleaner in a bowl. Then add small drops of detergent.

Step 2: Use this mixture to gently scrub the lenses with a clean, soft cloth.

Step 3: Rinse the glasses with water and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

The fifth formula: use a baby wash


  • Baby clothes.
  • Soft clothes.
  • Warm water.

If you like to use natural materials without chemicals, this formula is the best way for you to relate. In addition, this tip can help you not only to remove current scratches from the goggles, but also to prevent marks from forming on the lenses in the future.

Step 1: Put several drops of baby laundry in warm water.

Step 2: Gently rub the mixture onto the jars with a soft cloth.

Step 3: Repeat both steps to remove deep marks.

The sixth formula: use white vinegar


  • White wine vinegar.
  • Baking soda.
  • Soft clothes.

These materials are easy to find in your home and absolutely safe for your glasses.

With white vinegar

Step 1: Mix vinegar and baking soda until you see the foam.

Step 2: Wait until the foam has subsided and the mixture becomes a cleaning solution.

Step 3: Apply this mixture to the scratches and gently wipe it off.

The seventh formula: use alcohol


  • Rub alcohol.
  • Baking soda.
  • Microfiber fabric.

With this formula you can remove scratches on your safety glasses and keep the product clean. So you can try this tip to take care of the lenses every day, even if you have already removed entire markings.

Step 1: mix alcohol and baking soda in a bowl.

Step 2: wipe the scratches with a microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 until your product is clean.

I tried these formulas to clean and maintain my goggles. Depending on the condition of the scratches, you can use suitable materials and formulas. However, you should remember that each lens has a different texture. Do not try too many chemicals to avoid losing transparency.

These tips are very important to me so that I can remove unpleasant scratches and maintain the toughness of my safety glasses for a long time. If you do not want to replace your product frequently, you should follow these effective tips in order to optimally maintain the safety glasses.

Did you find my formulas useful? Let us know in the comments! Don't be afraid to share this article with your friends if you love it.

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