Efficient methods to improve your house with crops

Bring your home to life with plants! How to decorate your home with greenery!

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I've been on a little mission lately trying to bring more nature into my home to breathe new life into the place. Last week I visited Pearson's florists to buy new houseplants, and the selection was amazing. There are many plants and many ways you can use them to give your home a new look. The key is to be creative and be open. Here are some tips that really helped me to upgrade my home with plants. Maybe you could try them out.


I can remember when I worked for a shop in the main street and always focused on the first 30 feet. The meaning behind it is what a customer will see when entering the store as it determines how much they can enjoy their experience and how much they can spend. The same applies to your home. The first steps you take are important to determine your mood. Therefore, you should try to make a big statement with a beautiful and large plant.


The bathroom should always be plant-heavy as it enhances the feeling of cleanliness and nature. That's what the bathroom is about when you think about it. Be sure to keep the bathroom green by using spider plants and similar options that work well regardless of the color or style of your bathroom.

Hanging gardens

There is some debate about whether the Babylon Hanging Gardens ever really existed or not, but this is a nice idea that you can definitely implement in your own home. This can easily be achieved with a hanging shoe rack, which can be picked up online at a great price. Once you've received the shoe rack, all you have to do is fill each of the holes with soil and then plant your seeds. This is a great idea for those who don't have a lot of room to play and have herbs in it, one of the best options as they will look and smell great.

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Hanging ivy

Ivy that spreads across the facade of your home is a great idea and gives the property a real vintage look. However, Ivy has more uses than just good looks and is also a fantastic air purifier that cuts out around 94% of the mold particles that are produced at home. Ivy looks good and is surprisingly easy to maintain. The use of plants on the windows of your house as well as in entrances and hallways has the wonderful effect that you bring in the exterior and ensure that every room within the property is really clean and fresh. The most important thing to worry about is making sure your plants stay watered and get plenty of sunlight.

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