Why do you have to do away with termites?

Of the myriad of pests and insects that bother homeowners, only a few are more dangerous than termites. They are more destructive than the threat of hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. Termites destroy and ruin thousands of houses with one hand every year. The fact that they remain underground causes many termite damage to go unnoticed until significant structural problems arise. This is why it is important to get rid of termites immediately if you suspect they are infected.

Here's a look at why you should get termites and get rid of them Tips for preventing termites,

  1. destruction

When it comes to wood and other living structures in your home, termites are dangerous pathogens of destruction. According to statistical data, a termite can eat about eight kilograms of wood every week. Then can you imagine what a termite colony with thousands of termites can consume? An invasion of termites in your home destroys the physical stability of your home, which is not only an immediate danger but also lowers your property value. Termite damage costs expensive repairs if they are not checked at the right time.

  1. Negative health effects

Termites prefer to infect dark and damp areas of our house, especially where the mold grows. Molds grow on wood or walls when the environment is high in moisture. When termites burrow through the wood, they cause very spore-polluted air that can cause allergies. Many people are allergic to these fungal mold spores, which are responsible for various diseases such as nasal irritation, red spots, tears, sneezing, and cough. This can be very harmful for allergy sufferers and asthma. Termite colonies also produce food that can cause contact bermatitis and other allergic reactions if it touches the skin.

  1. Bites and stings

While this is not a significant danger to termites, they can bite or sting when moved. A soldier's term bites or stings when threatened, and although the bite doesn't kill, it can itch, burn, swell, and feel painful, especially in people with allergic reactions.

  1. stress

It is extremely stressful to find legions of termites in your home and have them slowly consumed from the inside. The destruction that termites cause often leads to stress, which is terrible for both emotional and physical health. To avoid such stress, you should make sure that you have the right strategies to get rid of the termites.

Why should you get rid of termites - termite damage

  1. Harmful pesticides

Compared to side effects caused directly by termites, the greatest risks come from chemicals used to kill or repel termites. The ingredients of the chemicals used to fight termites pose a serious health risk to humans. It is therefore recommended to use professional services from a professional pest control company for the safe destruction of houses instead of doing it yourself.

Tips for preventing termites

There are several ways you can keep termites away from your home or remove them if your home is already infected to reduce the risks associated with termites, as noted above. First of all, sunlight is an effective natural termite killer. If you expose your furniture to sunlight or expose your home to sunlight, termites are effectively eliminated and prevented. Other popular methods of preventing termites are: using UV lamps, cardboard traps, essential oils, vinegar, boric acid, diatomaceous earth, nematodes and pesticides.


These are some of the reasons why termites should never be present in your home. Termites can cause structural damage if they are not controlled, as well as harmful effects on the members of your household. The good news is that there are numerous ways to keep the termites away from home, including fumigation through liquid treatment, sunlight, and bait system.

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