MOJO makes waves with activated vary

MOJO kombucha launches its new "Activated" range, which contains a new raspberry taste.

The launch coincides with the tenth year of the brand and will also include a package update that highlights the authenticity and brand philosophy of the product.

The new labels emphasize the traditional MOJO kombucha brewing process, which uses living cultures and probiotics as well as real fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and passion fruits.

"MOJO has always been about helping Australians understand gut health, and our new packaging has been an extension of our awareness-raising work since we launched it a decade ago," said Anthony Crabb, CEO and founder of Organic & Raw Trading Co.

MOJO's "Activated" range, including the brand new raspberry flavor, is also available in passion fruit, ginger, mango lime, raspberry blueberry, turmeric ginger and strawberry hibiscus.

The entire range of kombucha is low in sugar, full of living cultures and probiotics and contains no unspeakable sweeteners.

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