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McCormick has released its latest taste prediction, which highlights emerging taste trends. The Flavor Forecast was created by a global team of McCormick experts, including chefs, professional chefs, trend trackers and food technologists. It inspires culinary explorations and innovations around the world.

In 2020, McCormick researched the trend towards sauces and spices. The main flavors include XO sauce, suya spice and gunpowder spice.

"Trust us. You will want to dip, sprinkle and spoon these unique spice blends and the must-have sauce on just about anything," says McCormick. "With their rich textures and bold taste, they make it easy to experience exotic flavors without engage in an entire global kitchen.

XO sauce

The traditional XO sauce is a medium-spicy seafood sauce that was developed in Hong Kong in the 1980s and is now widely used in southern China and throughout Asia.

This umami-packed spice is the whole package – hearty, smoky, sweet, spicy and salty – thanks to important ingredients such as dried shrimp, ham, chili peppers, onions, oil and much more.

The name "XO", which like "Cognac" stands for "extra old", describes its original purpose as a luxury taste. Its unique, chunky texture is more like a relish or chutney than a typical sauce.

There are new versions of the XO sauce that are now included in street foods, fusion dishes with other kitchens, and even vegetarian options. McCromick says XO sauce is ready to become a universal spice.

Suya Spice

In recent years, important African flavors like Harissa, Peri Peri and Berbere Spice have gained attention and paved the way for Suya Spice. Now this delicious spice, known for the spicy meat skewers in West Africa, is appearing all over the world.

Suya spice, usually made from ginger, hot chili powder and roasted peanuts, brings a nuttiness and medium heat to the table.

This homemade spice mix is ​​smoky and nutty with a welcome heat and defines one of the most popular street foods in West Africa – the Suya meat skewer. It's easy to prepare – just mix peanuts and spices until they're fine and crumbly in the food processor.

Gunpowder spice

Its official name is Mologa Podi, which means chili powder. Gunpowder Spice is a dry side dish made from finely ground roasted dahl (lentils), sesame, chili peppers, cumin, coriander and other spices. This spice blend is really customizable and gives your plate a nice taste and color.

While the name suggests it packs a punch, the heat of Gunpowder Spice can vary from medium to hot depending on the number of chillies used.

Originally used to flavor idlis (savory rice cakes), dosas, rice and pasta, it is now being discovered how versatile it can be. Sprinkle this mixture liberally on each dish to improve the taste immediately.

20 years of taste

Since 2000, the McCormick Flavor Forecast has identified top trends and ingredients to discover the tastes of tomorrow. Twenty years later, McCormick & Company continues to strive for the next taste.

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