9CHA, the brand new tea on the block

The directors of NineCha Jay Shao and Sean Issell know that their milk tea needs to stand out as the milk case evolves every day.

"Do it with LESS sugar, LESS sodium and LESS fat and NEVER compromise on TASTE!" Is the job you chose.

"Bags are becoming a trusted format for delivering F&B (food and beverage) in many aisles from supermarkets," says Issell.

"So it goes without saying that we bring the format to Dairy," added Shao.

"NineCha is a great option, either on the go, chilled, or perfect for the closet as a drink in any lunch box."

Mr. Issell explains: “NineCha is available in three flavors – Original (black tea), Wildberry and Jasmine in a practical 200 ml bag. Our product has been tested in the laboratory for a shelf life of more than 15 months (from production), without preservatives or artificial colors and rated with 3.5 stars. "

NineCha is a Melbourne-based company that sells directly and indirectly to many supermarket stores across Australia.

More information can be found at ninecha.com.au.

9CHA, the new tea on the block, first appeared in Retail World Magazine.

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