Fashionable wall mirror design developments

The look, designs, shapes and styles of modern mirrors have changed over the years, from traditional to brand new modern design and style. Let's take a look at the design trends for wall mirrors that will make your interior look radiant this year.

Here's what's new in the latest wall mirror designs in 2020.


There are numerous wall mirror designs, and we may not be able to name all of them. For each mirror design, all fall into the mirror types listed below.

  1. Full length wall mirror: To display the full length body projection

These types of decorative bathroom mirrors are known because they project whole-body images. They can be moved from one room to another and do not leave holes in your walls as they do not have to be hung up.

  1. Hanging wall mirror: only to show the face projection

Hanging wall mirrors are mirrors that can be hung on a chain, a wire or a cord. They come in a wide range of sizes, weights and styles. They are easy to install because they can be hung from picture frames with hooks. Best suited for toothbrush, shave or face wash, etc.

Modern wall mirror design trends - hanging mirrors

  1. Overmantle wall mirror: To show room aesthetics and decor

These serve as accessories for detailed fireplaces in the living room. It can give the room a luxurious look, especially if it is a traditional one.

Modern wall mirror design trends - cladding mirror

  1. Leaning Wall Mirrors: For showing all over the body, including the shoes that match the dress

These are bigger mirrors. These ranged from full-length mirrors to an enormous wall size. They are quite heavy and cannot be hung on the walls. It is perfect for people who for some reason cannot hang mirrors on the walls.

Modern wall mirror design trends - crooked mirrors

  1. Door mirror: Specially designed to achieve an instant look

This type of wall mirror is hung over the door. It is particularly suitable for places with limited space and can be hung over the doors of wardrobes. They are not heavy and are available in different sizes.

Modern wall mirror design trends - exterior mirrors


Wall mirrors can be available in different designs. Below are some of the trend wall designs for 2020:

This mirror style gives the decor of a room a vintage element and glamor. The mirror designs can range from mirrors with faded frame styles to classic oak frames. Vintage wall mirrors are functional because they fit into a luxurious or traditional home.

Modern wall mirror design trends - vintage mirrors

  • Industrial wall mirror

These were originally developed for outdoor use, but have become a popular trend in interior design. They give character and feeling to a room. They tend to be sturdy and are best suited for rooms with artistic elegance. A popular design in this style category are mirrors with wrought iron frames.

Modern wall mirror design trends - industrial style mirrors

Rustic mirrors stand out because they add glamor to the wall they're used on. Rustic wall mirrors are suitable for a variety of furnishings that change from luxurious to chic and even contemporary design. The finest rustic wall mirrors are made with an antique metal frame, a traditional wooden frame or a distressed frame. They are suitable for different styles of home decor such as a luxurious room, a chic room or elegance of the old world.

Modern wall mirror design trends - rustic wall mirror

  • Simple and minimalist wall mirror style

Simple and minimalist mirror styles are designs that are characterized by simplicity and sparseness. They are simple and have no elaborate designs. They are suitable for various decoration styles, whether luxurious or traditional. They make a statement wherever they are placed.

Modern wall mirror design trends - minimalist mirror

Various modern wall mirror design ideas

Mirrors are now available in different shapes. This offers a variety of styles for decorative purposes. The rectangular or square mirror style still seems to be the best known, but a mirror in a different shape adds to the artistic appearance of a room.

Modern wall mirror design trends - modern mirrors

  1. Round wall mirror: A round mirror softens the acute look in a room created by the corners. It emphasizes an antique decor style and is available in different styles.
  2. Rectangular Wall Mirror: This is the most famous mirror design with available home mirror types. It is suitable for any type of interior and can fill large empty wall areas. All of the above mirror types are available in this form.
  3. Square wall mirrors: These are located near rectangular wall mirrors. They can be used universally and are available in different versions. This works best in smaller sizes and is suitable for bathrooms, hallways or especially for decorative purposes.
  4. Hexagonal wall mirror: Unlike other mirror designs on the market, hexagonal mirrors are not easy to find. They are best suited to decorate and give beauty in a room. It accentuates modern spatial and artistic themes very well. It can also serve as a nice statement that becomes the center of a room.

Other modern mirror designs include:

  • Prismatic wall mirror
  • Teardrop wall mirror
  • Dragon-shaped wall mirror
  • Octagonal wall mirrors among many others.

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