Brookfarm's new Paleo Granola vary

Australian gourmet food manufacturer Brookfarm has launched a Paleo Granola range that includes three products packaged with sustainable and health-oriented ingredients.

The Espresso Paleo Granola blends local Byron Bay coffee with Australian Wattleseed. The prebiotic paleo muesli mixes almonds and coconut "to promote diversity in your gut". The Keto Premium Paleo Granola is considered "the leader in packaging and for ketogenic diets". It contains over 22 percent of macadamias.

Pam Brook, co-founder of Brookfarm, developed the Paleo Granola range to build on the hugely successful Paleo Powerfood – the brand's leading cereal in the category. Paleo Powerfood was founded in 2006 to help her best friend Betty fight cancer when she struggled to find a real ketogenic product that is high in good fats and low in sugar.

Will Brook, son of co-founders Pam and Martin Brook, now leads Brookfarm as CEO. Will pushed ahead with the introduction of the new product line as Brookfarm continues to innovate in the premium grain category.

"Developing the new Paleo Granola range was a great process," says Brook.

“When the idea of ​​expanding our Paleo range was mentioned for the first time, we immediately got to work and spent three months in product development to ensure that we maintained our high standard of premium ingredients and in three other blends Summit paleo muesli.

"We wanted to develop innovations in this category and combine flavors and natural ingredients with excellent health properties."

The Paleo Granola range, which focuses on whole foods and healthy fats, is also gluten-free and vegan.

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