Miele launches new clever app for municipal laundries

APPWASH: Miele has announced the launch of a new intelligent technology app to streamline and revolutionize the use of laundries in municipal laundries in the UK

United Kingdom

The jobl The Miele division has announced the launch of a new smart technology app that will rationalize and revolutionize the use of laundry facilities in municipal laundries in the UK. With AppWash from Miele, users who live in student accommodation, holiday parks or residential complexes can reserve washing machines and dryers online and pay for their use without cash.

AppWash is an innovative service from Miele Operations and Payment Solutions and connects the entire washroom via a digital all-in-one platform that makes life easier for laundry operators.

Laundry operators and their customers can download the app free of charge on both iOS and Android platforms.

The convenient and cashless payment function of appWash PAY means that facility managers and laundry operators receive digital invoices from registered users, which significantly reduces administration costs.

With the appWash PAY, there is also no maintenance of the checkout system, since the operator has complete transparency about all washing and drying devices and can thus check which machines are in operation and which costs are incurred for each cycle.

Laundry operators can conveniently set prices and view invoices via the personal online portal in the app. At the end of the month, the software automatically takes care of the bookkeeping and creates clear documentation for the bookkeeping.

The appWash RELAX is an extended service that appWash offers at no additional cost and offers a comprehensive service. This ranges from the procurement of the machines through technical maintenance to complete outsourcing without additional effort.

Both AppWash services are fully integrated with leading payment providers such as PayPal, Apple Pay and credit cards. This ensures that payments and refunds are processed quickly and smoothly.

“I am very happy to launch appWash on the UK market. It will provide cost-effective digital solutions to municipal laundry operators, while providing more convenience and a superior customer experience to end customers, ”said Sam Bailey, Director of Miele Professional GB (displayed).

"Our research has shown that operators are demanding changes to traditional managed laundries and appWash is establishing a new standard in this sector. The whole process is so simple and efficient."

After registering and downloading the "appWash by Miele" app, end customers can use their smart devices to access the washroom from anywhere and make cashless payments without having to make any small changes. As soon as the laundry is finished, a push message is sent immediately.

Frederik Wiedei, Managing Director of Miele Operations and Payment Solutions GmbH, said: “appWash can be integrated into existing Miele machines via a connection box, so that no newer models have to be bought. Alternatively, customers who choose appWash RELAX can outsource their shared laundry to us. This means that our commercial machines are installed in the washroom free of charge, so that the customer can only concentrate on his core business. "

Mieles appWash has been extensively tested and has been working internationally in laundry rooms for almost two years. More than 300,000 washing and drying cycles have already been processed.

Further information on appWash can be found at Miele Professional at: https://www.miele.co.uk/professional/appwash-1811.htm#p1814

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