WashCo completes a laundry on the third flooring of the Dorchester Lodge

United Kingdom

A video presentation by WashCo engineers completing a large installation for the prestigious Dorchester Hotel in London is now available online and on social media. The WashCo team installed five Miele washing machines, four Miele dryers and 12 Viet & Miele finishing devices, all of which were lifted with a crane, and WashCo, which supplied and installed auto-dosing chemicals.

The historic Dorchester is one of the most famous hotels in the world and proud of its exceptional level of care and sophistication.

With 250 rooms and 49 suites to be serviced, and a 3-hour turnaround on all clothing, the hotel's laundry is the key to maintaining its excellent reputation.

The WashCo team was asked to overhaul the previous laundry function with a new first-class facility that has efficient and reliable machines that would work for years.

The company's first step was to review the old configuration and identify the challenges and opportunities available. This allowed WashCo to recommend a solution that delivers high quality results and increases overall capacity.

During the installation process, it was important that the laundry on the third floor be accessible from the street with minimal disruption.

A crane was used to complete the maneuvering of old and new equipment within a day.

After the installation was completed, the WashCo team of experts trained over 20 laundry staff to operate the new devices.

For the head housekeeper of the Dorchester, Jutta Asta, one of the instant outstanding differences was how compact and organized the new laundry was.

She also highlighted the quality of the equipment and how impressed they are with the speed and technology.

"The execution of this project was amazing," said Jutta. "When we had the access challenge, they went back to the drawing board and said," Okay, we can do this in one day instead of two. “This has revolutionized the entire project and, in my opinion, includes the service element that I have seen from WashCo. "

The all-in-one solution from WashCo means that the hotel no longer has to work with several different suppliers and manufacturers to maintain and maintain the devices.

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