Freddo to avoid wasting the frogs

Freddo gives up his place on the backpack to encourage the Australians to find out more about endangered frogs.

Starting this month, Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo packs will contain endangered frogs such as the Spotted Tree Frog and the Southern Corrobboree Frog. This collaboration with Conservation Volunteers Australia and Victoria Zoo is designed to help educate Australians about endangered frog species.

According to the International Union for Nature Conservation, Australia is the fourth worst country for animal extinction. Australia also has a number of frog species that are about to disappear forever.

To help people learn more about these frogs, the specially marked packs have an augmented reality symbol. This gives everyone the opportunity to watch interactive videos and information sheets about the frogs.

Beyond the pack

In addition to the information campaign, Cadbury has announced its $ 600,000 three-year pledge to support key project partners, Zoos Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia, in continuing their important and ongoing efforts. This includes habitat restoration and animal welfare projects and the construction of a special breeding bunker in the Healesville Sanctuary.

This contribution adds to the $ 630,000 that Cadbury recently donated to Victoria Zoo, Taronga Zoo and Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in response to the bushfire crisis.

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