Chinese language Feng Shui makes you extra productive at house

For beginners and the uninitiated, deciding to understand what Feng Shui really is would help you appreciate its philosophy that began centuries ago in China today.

Surprisingly, most of its principles are based on structural organization and health-conscious practices.

How Feng Shui can affect our mood and productivity at home

Feng Shui patterns show the influence that our home and our personal space can have on our person and psyche. In particular, it believes there is a connection between us and our homes. A small collection of household items and furniture can change our mood and mental performance. It's pretty funny that many of us are committed to friendly work spaces and skip their own homes and personal spaces.

How to integrate Feng Shui into your home

If you make these small changes to your home, you can see measurable effects on your productivity. Interrupt the flow of energy. If your entrance and exit doors face directly, the energy flow (or Chi) flows through your house too quickly. Instead of simply letting it out of the exit, let the river gracefully circulate through your house and illuminate your room with an energetic spark. You can interrupt the flow of space energy with frame pictures, works of art on your walls, an entrance table or even a carpet on your floor.

Unravel your home. Even human vision does not find excessive disorder appealing. If you treat your home as a haven, filtering gives you room for perception and clarity of thought. Clutter can be too much noise to look at when you want to relax your mind.

Disorder seems easy to solve. Realizing that you are suffocating your home with many items that are beautiful but are not important to your wellbeing may be the motivation you need to debug. Create systems to arrange and organize all elements and objects in your life. Add the keys, the bills, the cards, the remote controls, even your thoughts and ideas. You would feel a little relieved to know that you have organized everything that is important to you.

Chinese Feng Shui makes you more productive at home - bathroom

How to maximize the energy that flows into your home

Keep the path to your front door clear. Your entrance remains the opening that lets all energies into your home. When the chi (or energy) flows, it looks for a gateway. Make sure that your entrance is accessible and does not lead to a wall. These obstacles can affect your flow of thoughts. Let the energy flow freely through your home. Consider installing a work of art or a mirror with a specific intention. For you, a mirror could mean a window into a realm of thoughts and reflections. A work of art can stimulate imagination and creativity. Definitely delete any feeling of restriction on your entrance.

Give your guests reasons to pause and admire. Remember your door is a portal for energy flow. It would be helpful if you consciously channeled all of the passing energies correctly. Decorate your home and living room with landmarks to pause to admire or reflect. Divide the chi into your rooms by receiving works of art that attract attention or reflection. Remove negativity symbols. "Stay positive." We plant positive thoughts in our minds every day. As information spreads, energy travels faster through symbols in pictures, films, memes, and other similar media. It is a world of symbolism, and these symbols carry different energies. A crowded surface can hinder the flow of thoughts. If you have a problem with self-esteem, your mirror may need to be positioned so that you can see it.

Learning to maximize the energies that flow through your home for productivity is not a daily task. There are apps that are specially designed to guide you and give you insights. Click the link below to explore them.

To sum up, Feng Shui doesn't just reposition your household decorations and furniture. These recommended apps show you how to make your home a flexible space that resonates with your entire being.

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