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February 12, 2020

Universal Robots starts the Financial Services Leasing program in cooperation with DLL

Universal Robots (UR), the world's most trusted and widely used manufacturer of collaborative robots (Cobot), has launched its new Cobot leasing program in collaboration with DLL, a global vendor finance company. The new partnership enables all manufacturers, regardless of size or investment budget, to take advantage of automation without having to worry about cash flow and seasonal fluctuations.

Get the equipment you need to grow your business now

The newly announced partnership will benefit Universal Robots customers from around the world from the leasing program.

"Systems are on site and this service is available to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers," said Darrell Adams, SEAO director at Universal Robots.

According to Adams, the new leasing option gives customers the opportunity to start automating with cobots immediately. “The equipment generates revenue before you make your first payment. It helps the company acquire the cobot that it now needs, with no significant down payment. Leasing also ensures that you never get stuck with outdated equipment and that there are other tax benefits. "

"As automation and Industry 4.0 are becoming a hot topic of conversation on the local market, the move could not have come at a better time. Accelerated automation is needed, and the UR leasing program will make a major contribution to making this a reality for many small and medium-sized businesses, ”says Adams.

Level the playing field

In the opening statement of the Danish headquarters, CFO Klaus Vertergaard from Universal Robots said:

“We balance the competitive conditions by enabling all manufacturers to get cobots up and running immediately without any prior capital investment. UR Financial Services provides end users with a fast, low-risk, and financially friendly model to accelerate automation in their factories. The partnership makes it easy to upgrade existing cobots, add additional units, or test cobots for the first time – and gives end users the ability to maximize productivity, quality, and profitability without increasing costs or money. "

DLL offers UR customers tailor-made financing and leasing programs that are tailored to the needs of the modern manufacturing business while enabling growth. As business requirements change, customers have the option to schedule payments to account for fluctuations in cash flow, update to new devices, or add cobots at any time during the term of the contract. At the end of the funding term, customers have the option to purchase the devices at a fraction of the original cost, upgrade to newer technologies, extend the funding term, or simply return the devices.

"We are delighted to be building a global partnership with Universal Robots," said Neal Garnett, president of the Global Construction, Transportation & Industry (CT & I) business unit at DLL. “The market in which we operate is developing rapidly. Through this partnership, we can now offer financial solutions for a variety of automation devices. Cobots are changing the industry and UR is clearly the market leader. Our bespoke financial solutions provide UR end users with an easy way to reduce the risk of using cobots by switching from ownership to flexible, usage-based financing. Manufacturers can build the processes they need to be competitive and successful while employees work on strategic tasks. "

Finance your solution

UR's distribution network will work directly with DLL's dedicated financial experts in each country to offer interested customers new payment and leasing options. Through the special asset knowledge of the experts, flexible financing solutions and strategic marketing resources, they will support UR in implementing the growth strategy.

In the ANZ region, customers can contact UR directly or through their local UR sales network for more information. End users will continue to experience the benefits of working with UR, including global reach, local support, service and maintenance, training opportunities through the online UR Academy and the global network of authorized training centers, and UR's extensive UR ​​+ ecosystem ,

"Universal Robots are looking forward to removing the last barrier to automation!" Concludes Adams.

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