Large Blue Complete Home Water Filter Evaluation: Is It Value It?

One of the most popular water purifiers for households is the Big Blue Whole House Water Filtering System. This post discusses the statistics, disadvantages, benefits, and maintenance issues.

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Why do you need a house water filter system?

If you want to receive one, you must at least know what you are signing up for. We have lost confidence in tap water since the Flint water crisis hit the headlines. The quality of our drinking water was affected. Even if our communities do their best to provide us with treated water, our drinking water is full of contaminants such as dirt, rust, excess chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other toxic microparticles. The responsibility to protect our health and that of our families is now on our shoulders.

The Big Blue Whole House water filter

This filter system is manufactured by Pentek – a well-known company in the water treatment industry. "Big Blue" refers to the fact that it is tall and blue, 10 to 20 inches in diameter, unlike the normal 4-inch bodies. The large housing houses the filter system, which is responsible for the entire cleaning. It is a POE filter system (point-of-entry). This means that the water is filtered at the entrance before it is distributed to the entire house. Your main goal is to ensure that all areas of your home are supplied with clean, filtered water.

The Big Blue Water Filtering System – How does it work?

It is important to know that this water filter system is unique. The uniqueness lies in the additional filters. The Big Blue filter system is equipped with an ion exchange filter that removes excess minerals that are harmful to our bodies. Depending on your supplier, some may even come with UV filters that kill germs and bacteria.

Place: It will be installed at the entrance of your water.

Sediment Filter: This is the outermost filter cartilage. It filters out macro particles such as dirt and metal parts. It not only cleans the water, but also protects the inner sensitive filters from damage.

Activated carbon filter: It is the main filter that removes many harmful microparticles. It also clears the bad taste and smell of the water.

Copper-zinc mineral filter: It removes particle residues and chemical substances such as chlorine.

Water softener: This filter is embedded with resin and uses ion exchange technology to remove excess minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other elements.

Big Blue Whole House Water Filter - Twin Big Blue


Saves money

A POU filter (point-of-use filter) may be smaller and cheaper as a unit, but the total cost of all filters in a household can be overwhelming. Not to mention the annual maintenance fees and filter replacement costs. The Big Blue whole house filter system is cheaper in the long run. The investment may be expensive at first, but over the years you will only maintain one system and replace a filter set – it is much cheaper!

It is convenient

The entire house filter system is installed at the entrance of your water. Therefore, you can be sure that all taps, shower heads and taps are supplied with clean water.


The Big Blue water filter system is optimized for residential buildings.

  • It comes with multiple filter cartilages that deal with all types of contaminants.
  • Thanks to the large housing, large amounts of water can be filtered at the same time to ensure a constant supply of high-pressure water.


It is a slightly bigger investment

The purchase and installation of a filter system for the whole house costs a lot of money and time. In contrast to the POU filters, which can be set up in a few minutes, you have to pay for the device and the installation costs.

How often do Big Blue water filters need to be changed? – maintenance problems

The housing

The Big Blue case is surprisingly durable and lasts up to 10 years in continuous use. This has a lot to do with its durable material, which is flexible enough to absorb inertial forces that arise when a water outlet is closed. You will find some suppliers that sell transparent water filter systems. You are a no-no. Transparent plastic is brittle and can easily break if used continuously.


The manufacturer advises us to replace the individual filters every three months.

Is it worth?

Yes, the Big Blue Water filter system is efficient, saves money in the long run and is very durable. What more can you expect from a high quality whole house water filter system?

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