10 styles of Aglaonema to be careful for

There are between 21 and 24 species of aglaonemes, the exact number depending on the botanical register. However, there are hundreds of different varieties of Aglaonema in a variety of leaf colors. The variations are countless and all very nice!

It is more common to find Chinese evergreen plants classified by cultivar names than by real botanical names, making identification difficult. In fact, clarifying everything can be a bit dizzying.

Here is a mix of Aglaonema varieties, both by botanical name and by variety. This should give an idea of ​​the range of colors they can produce. But don't let our list narrow you down – there are so many copies that it's hard to choose!

Whether you want an emerald green beauty or an aglaonema with red lace and stunning beauty, there is one waiting for you. These light and easy to care for leafy plants are worth your time to grow.

Do you need help learning nursing? Our Aglaonema guide offers you many simple care tips.

Mix these soils for growing Aglaonema:

1. Aglaonema modestum

This Chinese evergreen Aglaonema, named one of NASA's top ten air purification plants, has white-striped green leaves that stick up from light-green stems. While the signs shown in this photo show over-watering (some yellowing of the leaves), it still shows a fairly good leaf pattern.

2. Aglaonema nitidum

With its deep dark green leaves, Nitidum is extremely faint. This special system is very popular in office environments. An evergreen aglaonema, it stays deep green, no matter how minimal the incidence of light.

3. Aglaonema widuri, "Red Peacock"

Green leaves with bright pink veins and polka dots provide a lot of color indoors. This red aglaonema prefers slightly more sunlight than its darker relatives, but should still be kept in indirect, poor light conditions.

4. Aglaonema "Cutlass"

Long, striped leaves gave the “Cutlass” variety its name because they are almost dagger-like. Cream-colored, green and white surfaces with dark green center vein and edges ensure a lively look indoors and outdoors.

5. Aglaonema "Emerald Bay"

Emerald Bay combines dark green with silver gray-green to create a lush houseplant. This strain is more tolerant than many other strains in low light conditions, making it the perfect choice for houseplants. A related Aglaonema variety, Silver Bay, has even more silvery leaves.

6. Aglaonema "Harlequin"

In poor lighting conditions, harlequin is a deeper green, speckled with yellow and veined with pink. In brighter light conditions, the leaves turn yellow almost uniformly and the pink is stimulated to pastel. This strain is very popular!

7. Aglaonema "Silver Queen"

Silver Queen is widely known as the gold standard of Chinese evergreen plants and is probably the most widespread and widely cultivated variety. The leaf pattern is cream-colored on a dark green background and thrives in poor to moderate lighting conditions.

8. Aglaonema "Silver King"

Silver King is quite similar to Silver Queen, except that it doesn't have quite as many chevron-like stripes running across its leaves.

One of the inflorescences is shown in this photo. These flowers aren't particularly beautiful, but they shed pollen like crazy. It is therefore recommended to cut them off before opening the bud.

9. Aglaonema "Suzy"

Suzy is a popular indoor strain that blends the low light tolerance of the darker strains with the pop of pink color that many of the more light-loving Aglaonema strains produce. It is extremely popular as a houseplant variety.

10. Aglaonema "red gold"

Aglaonema "Red Gold".

This indoor plant stunner grows well both indoors and outdoors. Its leaf margins are framed in red and frame a wonderful green interior. The leaf veins are as red as the stems. This is a popular choice for shady planters.

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