The moist cleansing enterprise welcomes native MPs

United Kingdom

Somerton's Member of Parliament David Warburton attended the launch of an Electrolux Lagoon Advance Care wet cleaning system in Somerton and Street Dry Cleaners in Somerton, Somerset.

Renzacci UK, a leading provider and distributor of commercial laundry facilities, installed the system. During the launch, Kate Underhill, owner of Somerton Dry Cleaners, and Jason Alexander, managing director of Renzacci UK, introduced the David Warburton MP system and Somerton town councilors Dean Ruddle and Sue Pither.

Kate Underhill made the decision to switch to the system when, after a fire in 2019, she was forced to replace her existing machines.

"I was delighted to introduce this groundbreaking new system to Somerton Dry Cleaners right here in my constituency," said David Warburton. “What Kate achieved after deciding to invest in and embrace an environmentally friendly alternative to her traditional dry cleaning business shows the incredible courage and vision of a small business here in Somerset. Other companies should be encouraged to take a greener approach, and are also proud to help protect our environment and introduce cleaner, greener alternatives. "

"I am equally delighted to protect the environment and achieve far better results than before," said Kate Underhill. "Our next step is to introduce biodegradable plastic bags, clothing covers and a range of environmentally friendly products that are sold in the store."

Jason Alexander, Managing Director of Renzacci UK, said: “As more consumers become aware of the environment when they think about where to spend their hard earned money, Somerton Dry Cleaners is a big step ahead of the competition by engaging with their customers Product provide environmentally friendly conscience as well as nice clean clothes. "

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