Hidden prices that you just shouldn't neglect when transferring

Are you planning to move to the city or to another state? It's time to take out the calculator and crack some numbers. Moving can be incredibly expensive and finding a way out is difficult. There are often numerous hidden moving costs that surprise you after your budget is planned.

We pull back the curtain hidden fees No matter how short or long your move is, you can add extra padding to your move budget.

"Inexpensive" moving company

When you hire a moving company, make sure you get multiple offers from highly rated companies. Be especially careful with companies that make you an extremely low offer, because sometimes it's too good to be true. Cheap moving companies are often cheap for a reason. They may not have to pay upfront expenses and total costs throughout the move, or they may lack the licenses and insurance necessary to transport their belongings. Here are some reasons why "cheap" companies are so cheap.

Hourly fee

If a company charges an hourly fee, the hourly rate may sound great. However, if you send only one person for a three-person job, you pay for every hour they work. Your time will likely cost you more than you would pay for a company that set a more realistic price and provided you with the right number of people to accomplish this.

Older devices

Companies whose prices are too good to be true often work with less than ideal equipment. They use older trucks, underqualified drivers and moving companies who may not have professional moving experience. Do you want to leave your things in the hands of unqualified removals?

additional services

Companies that seem cheap often do without important services such as loading, unloading and blankets for furniture. These will be added later as an "extra" service, although they are believed to be included.

Hidden Relocation Costs - Family

The cost of fuel

When planning your move to the city or state and renting a moving van, you need to consider fuel costs. The further you move, the more fuel you have to buy. If you pack, load, drive and unload yourself, you save hundreds to thousands. But don't forget the cost of a road trip – fuel. Moving across the state can cause hundreds in fuel costs.

Most rental trucks average eight to ten miles per gallon. Find out how many kilometers you will drive to reach your destination. Divide this number by your mpg rate. Here you can find out how many liters of fuel you need for the trip. Multiply the gallons needed by the current gas prices and you get a rough estimate of your budget.

Here's a simple formula:

Miles from Los Angeles, California to Louisville, Kentucky = 2,052

MPG on Budget Rental Truck = 8

Miles / MPG = gallons of fuel

2,052 / 8 = 256.5 gallons of fuel

At $ 2.50 per gallon, you have to estimate $ 641.25 for fuel.

Remember that fuel costs only apply to your rental car. If you drive another vehicle to your final destination, you must also consider the fuel costs for the second vehicle.

The cost of accommodation

This category most often accompanies DIY removals, especially if you're moving across multiple states. While doing it yourself can save you hundreds to thousands, driving a moving truck takes time. If it takes several days to reach your new destination, you need a place to sleep for the nights in between. There are numerous inexpensive options, e.g. B. Airbnbs, but these costs will still add up. Pay an average of $ 150 per night to accommodate two adults and two children or three adults through Airbnb.

The cost of meals

If you're on the go for a few days or moving on-site and can't unpack the first day in the kitchen, you may need to eat something. Unpacking takes a lot of work. The last thing you need to do is heat the hob, look for pots and pans and take out the spices. Consider the cost of $ 10 per meal, per person, per day until you reach your goal or until your kitchen utensils are unpacked.


When you exchange items, it does not mean that your valuable valuables are broken. Think of things that were Not Valuable enough to pack and take away and needs to be replaced.

Articles in this category are:

Storage staples: oil, spices, flour, sugar, baking accessories

Laundry requirements: detergent, stain remover, bleach, dryer sheets

Office supplies: paper, pens, filing accessories

Cleaning agents: detergent, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, toilet bowl cleaner

All of these items need to be replaced when you arrive at your new home. Although this is not part of the moving process, you need to include these costs in your budget. Expect a minimum of $ 400 to top up your home.

Are you ready to move

Moving can be an exciting adventure and knowing how much budget is required to get rid of the sticker shock. Remember to request detailed quotes if you use a moving company to change location. Before you estimate moving costs, be sure to consider fuel costs, truck rental, housing, and meals on the road. Finally, budget funds for the exchange of pantries and detergents. Are you ready for your move?

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