The launch of the Vonto app will assist small companies

Image from CBA Newsroom.

Vonto is a free mobile app that provides personalized insights and ideas to keep small businesses on the right track.

The app, supported by CBA, collects data from a number of regularly used business tools on one platform, thus providing easily understandable and actionable insights.

“More than 80% of small businesses use up to six business applications to run their business. This may mean that six users log into six different systems every day to determine the status quo, ”said Elliot Cousins, Managing Director of Vonto.

"Small business owners have little time – most entrepreneurs don't have enough hours a day to double-click their business information, let alone decrypt that information and know how to use it."

How it works

Vonto goes through a company's data every morning and provides 10 key insights and recommended actions.

For example, insights such as cash flow prospects, website traffic, social media engagement and product performance.

The app also pulls these data records together to generate holistic insights.


"We decided to start with a selected number of integrations and would like to learn from our users which integrations they want in future releases," explains Cousins.

Integration starts include Xero, Google Analytics, Shopify, Facebook and Vend. Others are already under development.

The Vonto app was made possible by X15 Ventures.

Mr. Cousins ​​says: “By participating in X15, we were able to accelerate all aspects of the venture building process. The fact that we are back from CBA and have access to X15 partners like Microsoft gives us a huge advantage. "

More information can be found here.

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