Why are my faucets licking? What can I do?

Do you almost have a heart attack because the water bill is too high? A leaky faucet could be causing your water part to be in the red zone when you try to turn green. On average, a leaky tap can waste up to 30 liters of water in a single day and up to 30 liters of water in a week. The solution to this varies depending on the problem. However, one of them is to replace a leaky washer, which we'll discuss in more detail shortly. So stay up to date. The emergence of sanitation services like ezy-plumb helps you with your sanitation problems, be it a blocked drain or even a leaky tap. Ooh and just a bonus, they also fix gas issues.

And let's go over why your taps are licking, right?

# 1. A problem with the O-ring

The O-ring, also known as a toric joint, is made of elastomer and serves to hold the tap handle together. However, in some cases where it has been used over time, it may come loose or wear, causing a drop to occur.

Other factors that can contribute to O-ring failure include:

● abrasion

This is excessive friction that occurs between the surface of the O-ring and the housing. This is because an incorrect lubricant is used for the sealing system.

● Damage caused during installation

If you are not careful when installing the O-ring, the seal can easily be damaged with nails or other metal parts.

● extrusion

This is caused by high pressure or tension that force matter into the gap and damage the O-ring. This can be prevented by using a hard sealing material.

● A chemical attack

This definitely depends on the chemical used during the sealing process. If the chemical used is incorrect, it can react with the elastomer, which leads to an increase in the crosslink density. This makes the material very brittle and hard. To prevent this, you need to be very careful when choosing the material to be used. Before choosing an application medium, make sure that it is compatible with the seal.

● Exposure to UV light

Exposing an elastomer material to UV light has a destructive effect. This is due to the high energy that UV light can have, which can result in the molecular structure interacting with the exposed elastomer side. This in turn leads to cracks on the surface, which lead to premature failure. The solution uses a black material because it resists UV damage.

# 2. Corrosion in the valve seat

You are probably wondering what a valve seat is and I'll tell you. It is the connection between the tap and the spout. It is also the place where the washing machine closes when the tap is turned off. In this case leakage can be caused after the water sediments have accumulated, which leads to corrosion. The typical solution to this problem is to replace the corroded valve seat with a new one.

Why my taps are leaking - repair leaking taps

# 3. A washing machine that is worn out

You checked everything but you still hear this annoying, dripping sound. Don't worry, the problem could be the washing machine. As the most common reason for a leaky faucet, repairing can save you a fortune. A worn washer can be caused by constant friction between the washer and a valve seat. This ultimately leads to the fact that you notice a drop around the spout. Replacing the washer could be the solution to your leaky situation.

# 4. Incorrect installation of the washing machine

Often the problem is with an improperly installed washing machine, or it is simply not the right size. If this is the case, you should try to contact your local plumber or installer, such as ezy-plumb, who will assist you with the proper installation.


Get rid of this dripping noise and save a fortune by identifying the cause of the leaky tap. You can also leave the red zone and defeat the annoying neighbor who always brags about how environmentally friendly his house is. Hopefully you will win this great competition you participated in last year.

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