A guide for metal drums

When it comes to steel drums, there are a number of things to consider before you buy them before you get involved. Before you get to work, make sure you know what type of drum equipment is available, from reinforcement rings, conveyor belts, steel gauges, drum linings, liners, fittings such as flanges, plugs and bung holes, drum seals and much more.

The most common types of drums include carbon or stainless steel open or narrow head drums and various types of 55 gallon drums.

Carbon or stainless steel

A large number of steel drums are made of either hardened steel or carbon steel. Hardened steel offers a preferred contrast between chemical substances and carbon steel. This also makes it a perfect answer for items that require drum chastity and substance similarity depending on their synthesis. Due to its special properties, hardened steel drums can hit carbon steel drums every day when it comes to corrosion resistance, rigidity and recycling.

Open head or firm head

Open head drums, also referred to as 1A2 drums, consist of a fully removable top cover that is securely attached with a latch or snap ring seal. These types of steel drums make it easier to work with solid materials and even liquids that have thicker consistencies (such as absorbents, oils, syrups, pastes, etc.). Open barrels are normally used in circumstances where there is constant expansion or pressure extraction of the substance.

A manual for steel drums

Fixed head drums, also known as closed or closed head drums or 1A1 drums, have a securely attached cover that cannot be thrown away. Fixed head drums are typically used with lower consistency liquids. A closed head drum is usually accessed through a 2 "and 3/4" plug hole at the highest point of the compartment.

What are drum seals?

There is an enormous selection of seals on the market – both in terms of shape and profile as well as in terms of material. Most of the materials used to make normal seals are neoprene, EPDM, rubber, Teflon and cellulose. In a way, it can be said that each seal has its own different properties, which make it increasingly suitable for certain applications.

What colors come in drums?

Contrary to popular belief, drums can be bought in a variety of colors. The normal colors for drums that are almost always available are dark black. However, white, medium and dark blue, golden yellow, red, dark green and even gray are some of the regular shades available for drums. However, most sellers offer the possibility to buy drums in other colors, at least on request. Thanks to the different shades, numerous customers can effectively monitor what they have kept in different holders without having to bother to open them.

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