Think about these components before you purchase your first new dwelling

Imagine your first home: everything is new, it is fresh and no previous owner lives in it. You get the first rights to design it according to your wishes and to add your own style. That is the nice thing about buying a new building. You can move immediately. But that's not all, you can also save energy, expensive renovations and DIY projects to personalize it. This home ownership fairy tale can turn out differently. According to a customer satisfaction survey from 2019, the satisfaction of homeowners who buy new buildings has increased compared to previous years, although the market is still growing.

Some of the steps that Builder has taken to bring about remarkable change are:

  • The quality assurance process is better, while customer focus is paramount.
  • The designs of the new building are intended for modern life with fittings of new technology and modern devices;
  • Design is more about the lifestyle and needs of homeowners.
  • New buildings follow the building regulations and are therefore more energy efficient than existing or older properties.

For this reason, home owners choose a new building as their first home.

  • purchase Off-plan in an area where property prices Rising stocks guarantee you growth before moving in.
  • You have the possibility to design your house or to adapt parts of your building according to your wishes.
  • It is possible to get a 10-year real estate guarantee and protection scheme from the National House Building Council (NHBC) to cover unexpected problems.

However, the reality of a new building can be unexpected.

However, you need to set expectations for the build based on when you start investing. Leaving everything to the builders can lead to uncomfortable results after the project is complete. Factors such as budget, indecisiveness from a poor understanding of the process are frustrating. However, it is important to face the project and know that not everything will be perfect.

These are the factors you need to consider:

The space in the new building is limited

Your new home will probably not have as much space as expected. The real estate volume has shrunk steadily over the years. Living room and The size of the bedrooms has steadily declined every decade, Houses built after 2010 are over 4 m2 smaller. Unfortunately, it's a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down.

So what about the new building?

Structurally, it is not possible to add storage space to your new build. There are building codes that prevent you from expanding your property at will. However, if you need more space, there are alternative ways to make more space on your property. If you have an attic, You can convert it to an additional room or use it for camp, A loft conversion is one way to expand your property while creating added value.

Consider these factors before you buy your first new lawn

Long delays in the project completion date

Expect short delays with every design. However, if the project goes far beyond the due date, it becomes a problem. If you have structural defects or omissions that need to be fixed, you need a plan.

There are a few ways to prevent these long delays from putting a financial strain on you:

  • Over budget Make sure you have some leeway Do you need to rent temporary accommodation while waiting?
  • Add in disruptive provision to your contractual agreement In this way, you can forward the error list to the manufacturer for rectification.
  • Find out about the progress of the project often to better understand a realistic completion date.


No project is perfect. Any property you choose will have unexpected challenges to overcome. Don't let that stop you from becoming a homeowner.

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