Suggestions for selecting the best vacuum on your flooring

Choosing the perfect vacuum may be more difficult than you think! Here are some things to keep in mind!

There are several ways to build a house. Most of the time it depends on the personal preferences of the owner – from the details to the decor, theme, color and structure! That is, a house becomes part of every individual – it represents you. Regardless of the size of your home, it is your responsibility to clean it and make it a comfortable place to stay. One of the essential components of your home that you always have to keep clean is the floor. How can you ensure that it is not damaged or scratched? The answer is to choose the right type of vacuum cleaner. It is helpful to read the reviews of some of the best vacuum cleaners from BestVacuumHQ in the market today if you ever get stuck between two models or brands and have trouble choosing the one that suits you best. However, before looking at some reviews, read the tips below to find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your floor so you can narrow down the wide range of options available.

Choose the right bristles

A vacuum cleaner sucks dirt from the floor into the dirt container, and the main part of the machine that whirls up the dirt is the bristles. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the right bristles for the job. If you don't want to leave scratches on the surface of your wooden floors, avoid vacuum cleaners with too hard bristles. High density and soft bristles are the best choice if you want to get better performance for your planks or tiles. These types of brushes effectively vacuum up and provide a clean floor for your home every day.

Check the upholstery

It is important that you keep your house clean and you will do everything to achieve it. However, it is best to consider the value of your home with every action. This also applies to the use of a vacuum cleaner. One of the things you should avoid is scratches, which are usually due to the fact that you didn't choose the right vacuum type. Choose a machine with felt strips or rubber pads. Accidental scratches occur rarely or not at all due to this additional function.

Select the mop function

A wipe function does not matter if you only clean carpets. However, this is not the case with wooden floors or tiles, as cleaning with a little water becomes more effective. Choose a wiping-type vacuum that provides a steady flow of water to ensure you don't get dry spots in some places and puddles in other places. Some models can also have no-go wiping areas. It is therefore best to select one of these areas, especially if you are tired of it.

Get one with strong suction

A model with reliable suction power is always the right choice. Such strength is not suitable for carpets, but it helps when cleaning wooden floors. Gaps and cracks are a common scenario with hardwood tiles. Dirt and other small particles hide in these places. Cleaning these tiny spaces with a broom won't be enough, but a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power can do the job. The extra power is required when you clean your floors, as they can more effectively remove overgrown particles or pebbles.

Choose a type for edge cleaning

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for hard floors or tiles, it is best to choose one that reaches the edges of your room. Even professional home cleaning services may find it difficult to perform edge cleaning without the right equipment, despite all the benefits they bring to homeowners. Fortunately, some models have brushes that can rotate along the edges at a higher speed when cleaning the room to ensure more effective dust removal.

Get a light and compact model

Another critical factor when choosing the type of vacuum cleaner is the low weight and compact design. This is especially important if you have a delicate and delicate floor at home. With a lighter device, you get the job done faster. This also makes your work easier, especially if you have to carry it at home and upstairs. And since you find it comfortable to maneuver, you can avoid the risk of accidentally leaving some scratches and scratches on your floor.

Check the air filters

What good is it to have fast-moving bristles and to suck vigorously if you only blow all the dust into the air? Some models on the market have HEPA-like filtering. These are decent air filters that absorb allergen particles and prevent them from returning directly to the air.


Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home floors can be very confusing if you don't know what you want. The tips mentioned and discussed above should make your search easier.

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