Inside design tendencies for 2020

As we say goodbye to 2019 and usher in a brand new decade, let's take a look at the key trends in interior design that will be big in 2020. With the environment and a tendency to be more environmentally friendly For many people it is not difficult to see where a large part of the inspiration that can already be seen in this area comes from.

Expect sustainability to become a basic requirement for interior design and not a fad.

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Given that the environment plays an important role and awareness of the planet around us is increasing, the natural influence is evident in a number of this year's trends. The hue, which is called the big thing this year, is a subtle, rather soft green with a soft, earthy note. This is not a loud face, but something relaxing and oh so neutral. This shade of green is great for a calm and relaxing outdoor environment and fits perfectly with a gentler decorating style.

Another trend that has been labeled big this year is the more environmentally conscious idea of ​​recycled furniture, which may involve more people revising their tired and outdated furniture a little instead of hurrying to buy something new. Wood is certainly not just in terms of furniture. Monochrome, but not as we know it, is the key. Think of striking contrasts between dark and light, but with a more natural color scheme than the sharper black and white contrast seen earlier.

wood floor

Durable wooden floors have never gone out of style and are still an absolute favorite with many people. It fits perfectly with the color trend predicted this year and is ideal for a more natural decoration style. The more environmentally conscious people become, the greater the demand for wooden floors bearing the FSC logo, as people's buying responsibilities increase. The lighter colors of the ash wood floor make it a great choice for this year's color palette. Because of its long lifespan, it is a very environmentally friendly choice.

Interior design trends for 2020 - kitchen

Other trends that we will observe in wood floors in 2020 are those woods with many definitions that offer contrast and natural properties. Texture is a key to many of the most important design trends for 2020, and this certainly applies to floors, used-look wood floors and grains, while smoother wood floors are becoming less and less popular with natural looks in their homes. Continue the natural theme further, and enjoyable patterns and uneven floor widths are likely to increase as wide planks and diagonal floor plans are emphasized.


In view of the increasing downsizing of modern residential buildings, an enormous increase in compact and even concealed furniture solutions is forecast for 2020. Kitchens with hidden appliances and even cupboards are a must-have for many younger couples. This means that clear lines and tidy surfaces can be found everywhere. Space-saving furniture that allows maximum use of smaller rooms is a must and in many ways matches the cool trend colors of the year and a more natural use of materials.

With a wink to the environment, the humble houseplant could be the great design accessory of the year. Think green, foresighted and imposing – the perfect addition to many of the other trends that will inspire us in 2020.

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